#300 – Where Do I Go From Here?

Well, this is blog post number 300. How does it feel? As like every birthday I have had since I’m twenty. It feels no different than blog post number 299.

Thing is, I feel real different emotionally and spiritually. Every day things happen that are giving me better insight into what matters.

I’ll tell you one thing for sure. It’s not the job we do every day to put food on the table that really matters. Don’t get me wrong. You need to work to do that or work and save until you can do something else or nothing at all but watch time go by, but most people concentrate on the next thing to purchase and the next band aid to help them feel better about having to go to work every day.

We go to work and then escape on our days off shopping trying to make ourselves feel better. It doesn’t work. Well, it works for a second, but ultimately, it doesn’t work after more than a moment. Why?

Because, if you keep repeating what makes you unhappy without planning a way out, you are just going around in circles. You are miserable, so you shop…eat…(add whatever costs you money and soul here) and then you go back to the miserable job and then shopping, until both your mind and house are chock full of stuff that steals both your peace of mind and space. Never mind that you are always working so you end up using the stuff only a fragment of the time you would like to.

Sound familiar?

I found out that our minds and our habits are intertwined. If you change your mind, you can change your habits.

By changing where we wanted to go, we have worked towards ending the cycle of hate to shop/spend ratio. We hate less because there is an end in sight. A freedom to be had, a deadline, a goal. And in turn we started looking around at the space we live in and see the crap that is stopping us from being free of an open space like our minds are adopting. Staring at the mess we created by trying to fill a void that would have never gotten filled.

It was so much easier to spend than to pay off and save. Paying off your negligent spending and saving for your freedom is much less interesting than the instant gratification of buying the latest piece of junk out there. But is it really?

I have found that saving and paying off debt has taken a serious weight off my shoulder and for every Thursday (pay day) that arrives, it’s feeling better and better to see that our being mindful and careful and thoughtful with the money we exchange for time gets to work the hardest for us when it’s being put in the right places and makes us feel less like we are working for nothing, never being able to get out from under the debt.

We finally see the end of the line somewhere. In 11 months or so, we can tell the brokers when we re-write our mortgage in a couple of years for the last time that we have ZERO debt when they ask if we want to roll debt into our mortgage (just don’t do it, unless you mean to really pay it back, not just say you will and then spend more). And we can smile and say, “What debt?”

I have stopped making excuses about the cost of living (not to say that it’s not expensive), but simply saying that if you care enough, there is a way to save and make your life easier.

I remember having one income and making $40 of groceries last a whole week to feed a family of 3 at the time.

The thing is, if you need to do stuff without much, you will find a way to do it. Any good parent out there can attest to that.

So why do we hang ourselves when we finally have enough money to make ends meet? Why do we always spend more when there is more instead of living within our means or even a little below and see what really matters?

I know that I have realized that I saw others do it (spend on whatever they wanted) and thought I was missing out on something. And yes, buying was fun for a time, but as I am still going through all my purchases from years and years of buying, I am quickly realizing that the things I bought without using for years have just been taking up space in my house and took money out of my pocket that I will never recuperate now. Money that could have compounded somewhere giving us the real taste of happiness which would be the freedom to choose how we spend my days.

So at blog 300, how do I feel? Well I feel like my journey continues, and now with my YouTube Channel I plan to take anyone willing that truly wants to make a difference in their own lives on the journey we (my family and I) started a year ago, so that others can start their journey and have a place to start.

I still have 65 blogs to reach Mr. Twain’s challenge, but am so looking forward to what another year will look like when I’m done with it.

Hope your journey is looking bright and hopeful. And if it isn’t, just know that it’s never too late to start! J





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