Weekly Update -$28,179.52 – New Savings Videos Coming And Why It Matters To You!

For revolving credit, we are finally on the final leg of the race. That is why you are seeing an amount on the title of this blog. That is all the revolving credit we have to pay before we can say we are officially debt free. This however does not include our mortgage. But we are taking one step at a time.

And to celebrate this along with the fact that we started our savings journey for over a year now, I have decided to start a weekly series of how we saved and the countdown to 0 dollars being owed.


I wrote two books on it, but realized that people like to see rather than read in this new world of KEEP ME ENTERTAINED MODE (hey I get it, why waste your time with blah blah blah, that is just boring). We are all very visual creatures. So starting soon, I will be doing videos to help show just what changes we did and how we started to save.

And it hopefully will not be just a talking head video (like I have seen so many do). I want to show you how visually, by making it more interactive and showing the changes, so you can actually know what you will be looking at if you decide to implement any changes.

Example: Instead of just telling you to cut the cable and buy a TV box. I will show you what we have and how they work, the steps. Just like you would be doing it with me.

So we don’t only tell everyone, but show everyone the ins and outs of it all. We cut the cable, but just telling people to do stuff can be a little bit scary for them and make them chicken out.

So I will demystify the process. I will show the box and programming we have. I will supply links to the HD antennas we had and where you can purchase them online and in stores and give honest reviews on what we experienced with our changes.

The format should be informative, flowing and funny too.

The reason I am doing this, well, I will be brutally honest here. I am hoping to give great content to increase the viewership of my channel so we can start generating income from views (this is no cost you any of you, you just get the great content and advice by viewing).

Extra dollars even if only a few is the reason for everything we do right now. We are trying to get financially fit and then eventually free so we can live a simple life without the need of excessive monetary needs that force us to work over 40 hours a week (cutting down our monthly expenses and cost to be able to live simply).

Let me be clear here, we are not looking to be part of the Fortune 500 series. We are just looking to save and invest enough cash to be able to pay the necessities, leaving more time for other things.

Second reason is why not? If we can help only one person save their hard earned money, why would we not pipe up and let the world know.

I see millions of people spending on things they don’t need every day. People afraid to do things thinking they will have to really sacrifice too much and it’s really not the case. Most of the time it’s a just a mindset we carry around that comes with making changes. Change can be scary, but it doesn’t mean you will necessarily suffer. Sometimes it’s just the boogieman we invent for ourselves.

By showing the equipment, the procedures, the savings and the experience, I am hoping that it causes people to feel secure in thinking and feeling they can do this for themselves as well.

I want to help. And I will try.

I’ve started writing this blog and usually keep it about mental and emotional positive vibes.

And it may seem odd once in awhile that I write about budgets and free stuff and saving money.

What people need to understand is that all of these topics are related to each other. They go hand and hand.

When you are burdened with debt or high payments, you become someone walking around with a great big weight on your shoulders. It can get hard to be enlightened and happy when you are not well financially.

So whether it’s to loosen up some cash and make you feel better or actually get you on path of becoming debt free or even to help you save for the future. Any and all of these changes can bring a lightness of heart and soul that anyone can benefit from.

So as odd as some of the savings blogs can suddenly sound when the day before I was talking about Smiling and 10 ways to Hug Your Friend. I think money is a very important part of it. Having enough makes it become something that you don’t have to think about or deal with, when having too little makes it become a great big burden to carry around every day seriously affecting your mood and health.

So there will be uplifting calming relaxing nature videos and uplifting blog posts still(since I really love making those). And the occasional travel video, since that is a great video library of our journeys, but get ready to see a lot more videos on promoting a healthier spending journey.

And more money means being able to spend on what you really want to be doing instead of always searching or charging money you don’t have.

The only thing about these videos and blogs is that this is will be our personal journey. My family I mean. Some things you may find brilliant, just like some you will find crazy. That’s OK.

You may find that the things we spend on is not important to you. The idea is to get you thinking outside the box so you can start making positive changes in your life.

I have to warn you, if you start, it tends to be addicting.

I want to see a bunch of happy people walking around making their dreams come true and loving life, instead of people running around frustrated, distracted and unhappy.

I see too many people wanting to lay the blame on everyone for everything these days. There is very little peace left in the world sometimes and that is a real shame. We really need to cultivate that sort of living. We need to bring it back if we ever had it to begin with.

I’m hoping that this will add to a positive contribution that I can make to help these changes come about.

So stay tuned and keep reading on!!




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