Be The Change And You Will Make It Happen!

Watching people run around near me, and spotting the completely busy stressful look on their faces, I realize that I do not feel this at all.

The minutes tick on and time passes me as the week days turn into weekends and I am very happy with this. I keep repeating to anyone who listens that they need to slow down. Even my husband. Yes stuff needs to get done, but you need to be human too and that means going at the speed that is right for you.

I’m hoping if I keep repeating that people around me will follow my lead and just take a look and see where they can feel better.

Our journey is moseying on regardless of what we are doing, whether we are super busy or not, the days continue on as I suspect it always has, as probably always will.

All these mental stresses we fill our minds with are causing a great deal of harm.

The fact that we have to be so busy or running at break neck speeds because we are working for money and lord knows  they need to get their money’s worth, makes us be unrealistic with the mind and body rhythm.

It’s too fast. This speed is alright some of the time, but should never be an everyday thing.

If you only do what you can when you can, you become the person setting the rhythm of your own life. And you and only you know the right rhythm.

What is the right rhythm you ask?

I’ll give you a hint. It’s the one that feels right to you.

And what do you think would happen if you did that?

If the world decided overnight that we would no longer work and run around like our heads were cut off, would the employers we work for have to adapt to this?

Yes is the answer.

So why not promote that way of life? Promote a more laid back way of doing things. The only time someone should hurry is if they have a major artery losing blood or if someone is about to hit you with their car.

But where does it say that we have to give all our energy to the people whom we exchange our time for money?

And where does it say that we should be fired for wanting to adopt a more human like pace.

Computers and technology were built to help us live more while the technology worked harder, but like most things, it did not in reality do any of that. We were just suddenly expected to go faster and speed up with the technology.

So now what? Well I truly believe that a movement of people doing what needs to be done is a greater force than people just standing around complaining or breaking down (from burn out etc.…)

If you don’t believe me, just watch a wave of water come into the shore. Can you imagine trying to stop that with your hands? Can’t be done. Only a barrier can stop it from coming in. And believe it or not, it’s not the employer that is the barrier. He makes us believe there needs to be a barrier to stop the wave and we build it. But if we don’t build it, then there is nothing to stop the water from rushing in.


Are you getting it so far? We have been made to believe that stress and speed means quality and it does not. A beautiful wave is much more beautiful and natural than a great big cement barrier stopping it’s journey.

If we set the rules and just make it the way it should be by slowing down and learning to breathe and be human again instead of just being part of the corporate machine. WE can all make that change by simply being. We don’t need to rally or make demands. We just need to slow down all together as group of human beings. Make the change so that it’s “a more of us than them” thing. Very simple. Majority takes it.

Remember, we don’t need to ask to be well in our lives, we just need to do it. No permission needed. So take a moment to smile at someone. Do good work but don’t rush to stress yourself out. BE proud of your work and be happy to take a moment and look out the window to see what nature is doing and that your body and mind are breathing together.

Act free and BE free of spirit, even if at the moment you cannot be free of exchanging time for money. The more who do it, the better the atmosphere will be and the better people should start feeling.

We are NOT MACHINES. We are HUMAN BEINGS. Meant to live and enjoy this planet we call Earth. She provides for us all we need to live. And with a few great minds of the past and the future, we are reaping the rewards of an easier life, more now than ever. Take advantage of that. How much time do you have to waste before it’s too much time to be able to feel the bliss of living!

Be part of the wave! Don’t ask for change, just be the change. That’s it. Easy!



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