The Ever Busy Mind!

OH HUM! How hard it is to get back to it on Mondays. I shouldn’t complain having had a full 3 day weekend since Canada Day was this Friday!

However, it was a hard weekend because my chronic hurts decided to keep me very down in the last couple of days. I don’t usually have it this bad, but a couple times a year, I really go down. Guess it was that time.

I spent a part of my day yesterday trying to practice doing nothing but enjoying the simple moments in between resting. At one point I went looking for an old bean bag chair I had bought when trying to find one of the huge ones out there. I opted out of the ridiculous pricing and decided to get a smaller cheap one from the local retail store.

To say I have used it all the time would be a lie. One more thing that I impulse bought and then forgot about. When my husband had surgery last October, he used it to sleep with in the bed using it as a big pillow. It seemed to stop him from turning around and undoing his stomach stitches, but other than that, it’s been just idle in a corner of my spare room waiting for someone to find a purpose for it.

Yesterday I was on the floor of my bedroom on the second floor of my home (going through clothes to give away once again) when I happened to gaze outside the window and started staring at those really white fluffy clouds with the bluest of skies floating by.


The hard floor was hardly comfortable to sit on directly so I waddled to the next room and found the beanbag and dragged it over to the spot by the window in my bedroom and found a comfortable position to sit and watch nature’s television set. The window is low to the ground since we technically have the second floor in the attic, so it was a perfect vantage point for a view at this level.

The clouds were moving away from me, slowly drifting in the bluest of skies, but I am repeating myself.

I saw an angel blowing her flute. I saw many peaks and valleys all on a backdrop of blue with the greenest grass of summer. It brought back memories of laying in the grass looking for shapes in the clouds when I was so very young, all those years ago.

The summer wind was blowing in lightly. It was neither hot nor cold, refreshing and summery would be the word I use here. If I had not been sleeping on and off all day, I probably would have fallen asleep at that point.

I saw a hawk catch wind and glide on it for the longest time. Flying so high, I couldn’t help but wonder what he saw from that height.

I managed to be in those moments for about 10 minutes before my mind started wandering into things that had nothing to do with a blue sky.

I started to wonder if I could go get a book but then decided that it would defeat the purpose if I started ignoring the scenery. I would be in the moment another couple of minutes and start thinking of all the work that needed to be done around my home.

How I would like to not complicate each rooms space so they could all be airy but functional (much like the scene in my window).

We have conditioned ourselves to be so busy all the time; we have forgotten how to just be in the moment. We always need to be talking or thinking of the next moment coming up.

Some of us escape from our minds in video games or YouTube or Netflix, TV etc… We check out from our responsibilities and thoughts to get away from the crap of everyday and the material accumulation of crap that surrounds us too.

Even when we take a time out, we end up going back to what needs to be done, then promise ourselves that when everything IS DONE we will be able to relax. It’s a lie we repeat daily.

So why not stop those lies and try it today.

Take a moment to check out of your mind and see how long you can do it for. I’m not talking about distracting yourself with games or TV. I’m sure I’ve lost whole years to that now.

Rather pick a nice quiet spot with not much going on with it and see if you can just stay quiet in your mind.

Let me know how long you were able to do it before you started nagging yourself back from it?

I think I will try and take a moment as often as I can to just relax that overactive mind of mine to see if I can just be rather than thinking or what will be.

I think there may be something to it.  It may just be the quiet that helps refocus everything where it needs to be when we get back to our brains.

I’m willing to test that theory out, how about you?


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