What It Has Meant To Me To Be Canadian!

So it’s Canada Day again!So we post stuff on Facebook…Happy Canada Day banners and such.

Wonder if the weather will hold out for us to go see fireworks somewhere!√

Look at some older band from the 80’s performing in the next town over √

Some of us may be spending time at our campgrounds with friends and/or family √

or just spending time around a campfire looking at the stars √

But at any other time of the year, what does it mean to be Canadian?

Well, I can’t speak for the rest of my Canuck friends, but I can write for myself.


Being Canadian means that the winters will be long but that when spring and summer comes, it will be so awesome, cause I think we really appreciate the season change here. It feels great when the snow stops flying and we can just sit outside and breathe in the fresh spring air.

Being Canadian for me means that when Autumn arrives, we have the most beautiful days and colors, turkey dinners in October with Halloween and the hunt for heat and snow boots for everyone to prepare for winter.

In my small part of Canada, we still know each other, and it’s usually pretty quiet around here. The neighbors are there if you need help but don’t make pests of themselves. We kinda try to live in peace, it’s not that we don’t have an opinion, we just try to live with them while not annoying each other (except with our closest ones…hey everyone does that).

Being Canadian in my part of Canada means that I can still feel pretty safe where I live without feeling that I have to arm myself to protect my family. I’m glad to look at the news and know that the terror felt at other parts for this is not related to me and I want to protect that for as long as I can.

I like that I have choices and opportunities in this country that not all countries do. That cruelty to any gender, species and race in my circle is something we could get really nasty about.

We may be mellow for the most part, but try stepping on our toes or upsetting the peace and quiet we have built up and watch us turn on you.

We have been described by many others as quiet, Valium or even boring. As I stare at my boys shaking their heads to another loud mouth on TV, I prefer to think of it as well mannered and maybe thinking before they speak, and if that’s boring, I think I can live with that.

There are some who still say “sorry” a lot, my husband being one them (and it drives me nuts). And I don’t believe it’s because they are really sorry for anything that was done really wrong all the time. It’s mostly a way of saying, I’m sorry that I bugged you in your day or made anything inconvenient for you at all. Nobody wants to be bugged or annoyed in their day, it’s very important to keep the joy in your life.

I am happy that we have health care although I still believe dental and eyes should be part of that since I can’t take those out, well not yet anyways.

Living here has taught me that beauty is truly all around us, as any of you who have seen my videos will have been made aware of and that I love my peaceful part of Canada more than anything else.

So Happy Birthday Canada! I hope that all your happy peaceful corners continue to flourish and that it can protected and it’s beautiful nature for many more years to come.




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