I Wanted To Complain But Will Be Grateful Instead!

Having another day of dealing with the annoying situations and people of my world, I sat down all day and tried to start this blog.

By paragraph two of the first topic I was complaining of bad drivers, so I deleted it and started again.

This time I got to paragraph three and started to complain about people who no longer cared about their cleanliness or appearance.

Suddenly I found myself going around in my head and just bitching and complaining and thinking that if I complained on this post, then others would start complaining at me for being so judgemental and annoying.

Then I started to think of the saying about not being able to change anything but the way you react to things and that got me irked too. Why can’t I change stuff I don’t like?

I even asked my MOM…for the first time in 290 blogs…Help me come up with something for my blog. Something positive!!

I started to think of my youngest at home that I had spoken to earlier in the day and the comments he made about loving me more when we spoke on the phone (although we both know that I  love him more so much more), and decided to text him and thank him for making me smile and making me feel better.

And he replied “It’s because I love you.”  Like saying to me “what other reaction are you supposed to have from people who love you”?

Now there is a reason to feel great if I ever had one. Who cares about other people? I can’t change them, and why should it be my problem. Ignoring bad behavior that will not affect me beyond the next 5 minutes should be the question I ask when I get mad at the world.

I have a son who wants to be nice to me because he loves me. Isn’t that wonderful?


I have another son older still living at home, who constantly tempts fate with his annoying ways, however, there are some traits about him that are absolutely lovable and probably the only thing that saves him from getting strangled most day.

He gets a hold of my phone and leaves it sitting with a google picture of some kind of a cute animal. So when I open up my phone in the morning. I have these looking back at me. I, of course take a screen shot of these every time because it made me smile and I don’t want to forget this.

*Two examples of such things 🙂

I will leave it at that for today since my day is running out and the long Canada weekend is starting.

The message: Don’t try to change the world that doesn’t care (obviously if they did, they would be acting differently) and cuddle up to the ones who are loving and wonderful to you. The ones who don’t anger you. The ones who love you and show it. The ones that make you smile instead of making you mad.

Keep finding the good! It’s the only way.



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