Realizing We Are All Just A Little Bit Crazy!

I sit here on a Monday morning, drawing a blank and realized that I have no more advice to give. Well that’s probably not accurate, but it is the case today.

I sit and watch the rainy day, listening to Simple Minds “Don’t You Forget About Me”on my internet radio as I get my work done.

When it occurs to me that maybe I should write about my weekend and all the beautiful smart things I’ve done. Only problem is, I got caught up in a theory going around the internet right now, which caused me to do some pretty funny stuff.

Dumbest thing I’ve done this weekend. I looked at the sun with welder’s goggles to see if I could see the planet “Nibiru or Planet X”.  Yeah, I saw dots for about 20 minutes…but there were 5 dots? Does that mean anything other than I looked it a different angles?

A woman my age should know better, but it just goes to prove how goofy you can be at any age. I am not an exception to this rule. I have done some funny dumb things in my life. But I like to think it’s what keeps me walking around with an open mind.

Did I see planet “Nibiru or Planet X”. Nope…I saw a sunset taken with a welder’s mask that had a weird shape to it. Does it mean anything? Maybe some of the people observing this phenomenon can let me know!!

1*2 suns maybe!!?? There…I’ll start my own conspiracy theory!


But other than that, all seems as it should.  Except for the picture of me with a welder’s mask that I will post here. Yes why not.  It was part of my adventure this weekend.

20160627_122001_HDR~2*You know you want this look! I’m thinking of starting a fashion line!!!

If you don’t know what that is, go check it out, on YouTube or different sites. They have all kinds of theories. Please know that I DO NOT subscribe to any of them as of yet!  But I sometimes get caught up in things such as these because I find them super entertaining. And then end up wearing super crazy goggles looking for invisible planets in the sky!

Then there is the stuff that I did that was worth my time and effort, like exploring the great area I live in and I can actually thank my awesome husband for deciding to drive down some country roads near our place and loving the great views. I have some pretty awesome videos that will get  edited in the next couple of weeks to share them with you.

565_1466978680458*Thanks honey for the great picture.

There are adventures around every corner; all you have to do is do it! Just try not to look directly in the sun when you are doing them!





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