How To Live In Gratitude Even When The Days Are Trying!

Sometimes it’s all about returning to your most basic and simplest thing to be grateful for.

Did you wake up this morning? Yes, you did. Cause not being alive would suck, right?


So there you go, you are now grateful for one thing. Now go ahead and find another. My mother in law showed up and brought me newspapers that I can roll up and use to warm up my house this winter…For free. That’s # 2.

It’s Friday and they are announcing some great weather for the weekend. #3.

Three out of 4 humans are working at my house, all contributing to having a nice stress free (from bills) living. And the 4th is graduating from High School next Wednesday! There is a very happy mother here about this kid’s accomplishment. That’s #4 and #5.

Now I’m not saying that my week has not been hard. Work has been trying as in I’ve had a hard time accomplishing anything because of others not being well organized because  they took time off without organizing for others that are not on vacation and I’ve been fighting this thing I think is a cold that has pretty much wiped me out all week long.

Do I need to harp on these things? No. Because I am sure I will feel better and things did get done by the end of the week and I can be happy with myself for that too.  So there is #6.

Are there all kinds of things going on that can be considered crap and getting on my nerves? Oh absolutely. I don’t want anyone to accuse me of faking a happy life, as so many like to say that here. It’s all about keeping it real and depressing right?

Do I want to change a whole bunch of things? Oh Yes.  I certainly do.

I would like to get rid of everything in my house…that is cluttering it.

I would love to have the energy to take the clutter out, which I don’t. I wish I could renovate all the parts of my home that I know are kind of in need of a re-do, you know, the stuff that is old and that bugs me to no end.

Like re-doing my bathroom would be nice or finishing my laundry room or starting my front living room etc… and we won’t even get into the outdoor projects or car repairs that need to be done.

If I sat here and thought about it, I could make myself miserable about everything. But I choose not to.

Why? Because I don’t think I need to advertise things that will probably eventually get fixed and done in the near future.

And I’d much rather feel a great sense of accomplishment when it gets done instead of dwelling on it and causing myself grief until it gets done.


I could sit here and complain about all my problems. I could post on Facebook every little single frustration I have to make the misery mongers happy.

But I don’t need that kind of attention.

I don’t need to bad mouth or complain so loud as to make an idiot of myself.

I don’t post vague comments to get attention.

So if that makes me fake, I’d rather be fake than pathetically looking for attention all the time.

I am happy and try to focus on that, and when I can’t …I sleep until the outlook looks better to me…believe it or not that usually works. In the very least, it gives my mind a reset.

So for all who try to find a good thought and a good day, you just keep doing that sunshine, cause I want to hear about it and so does everyone who is not too busy trying to get the attention by causing havoc or making you feel like they do everyday. Remember they choose to feel that way. It’s their decision.

And if someone ever accuses you of being fake happy.  My suggestion would be to ignore them and delete them. Arguing with a fool makes you into one too.

So be grateful, find your happy in the smallest things and don’t let anyone stop you from it.  

Gratitude is the first real step into finding what truly makes you happy!


  1. ❤️ Love this! It’s easy to look at the things that could (and possibly do) make you feel down and out. It’s just as easy to take a minute to look around and see the things we should be grateful for. Simple things that we sometimes take for granted. Our family, our kids, our health, our senses, our abilities….keep smiling, Jane. And keep me smiling with your positivity ☺️

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