How About Not Being That Person!

Life is all about enjoyment and getting the most out of it. I am the first to say it and advocate such a life.

There is just one tiny little thing about all of that.

If you live your life in such a way that getting what you want is at the expense of others. How about not being that person.

If you have a sense of entitlement when no one owes you anything, how about not doing that and working and going about the right way to get what you have.

If you can take advantage of a situation or person but really it’s not a nice thing to do, how about finding a different way of doing things that don’t hurt anyone.

How about trying to be honest even if it means you may have to take others into consideration instead of lying to get your way?

How about trying to be kind to people who need your service instead of getting rid of them like a number?

How about working hard so that you can have your cake and eat it too and be proud of your efforts?

How about doing something because it’s right instead of because it’s easy?

I’m sure I am guilty of some of these at one point in time.

But having once again caught someone in deceitful manipulations, I have realized that people do this stuff to protect themselves from not getting what they want or to gain something regardless of the damages they cause and regardless of whether or not it’s a hindrance to anyone in particular. They don’t have to care if it hurts anyone and they ensure that they can get what they want every time. Why ask when you can get an automatic “yes” by being deceitful.

They think because they no longer subscribe to stuffy religions of the past with commandments that have to be followed, the rules can be bent.

As for me, I never really subscribed to beliefs handed down by questionable sources (like religions); however, I have always understood the reason they might have been needed. Without a compass of promoting goodness, the line can get blurred.

People may think that little white lies are harmless and that no one will ever know, but I have also learnt that it’s not the size of the sin that matters sometimes. It’s the people you hurt along the way. Little lies, manipulations and entitlements are all part of that category of people being mean thinking it’s alright.

I decided quite a while back that the only rule that really applies here is “Harm None” Or “Harm No One”.

That means not just physically, but in any ways someone can be harmed. If you damage someone to get ahead, it’s bad karma and will eventually come back to you.  And yes it still counts even if you ignore the fact that you hurt someone. You have to be mindful of what your actions are doing. It would be like if you break suddenly in your car and you cause 3 cars behind you to crash into each other. Even if you are not damaged or affected, does it mean you are not involved? Of course you are involved. You caused the situation to begin with.

Some people don’t think further than what they see, or question long enough because they may have to delay gratification. My answer to you is not to be that person!

Everyone is out for themselves these days. Be the one that is making their way in a compassionate way! And show the next generation that it’s about being nice even when it not convenient or fun. It’s just right and kind.







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