A Few Things! On A Monday!

First of all, it’s Monday and I took the day off. That is one plus. A few things that robbed my energy happened last week and I actually booked this day off way before that happened, but by the end of last week, I knew I needed the time off today.

Then my husband got sick with some kind of sinus cold. Not his fault, but now I’m wondering when and if I will be next. The fun stuff about colds when you are going to catch them is you get to see what the other one looks like and how wonderful you are about to feel.

Ever have a period of time when you are just not happy and things seem to be conspiring for you to not be able to get any peace.

So I did the only thing I know how to do. I came here and decided to write my blog and then my laptop circa 2008 got bogged down and I was once again staring at a screen that could hardly keep up with my typing. Then altogether died in the world of lagging.

So out we went, just me and sniffy to spend the money I did not want to spend just yet. And spend I did. However, I needed a new tool to keep me going.

Now I’m pressing the wrong keys and making paragraphs where there are none, but I’m finally fast….Fast at getting nowhere and spending the awesome amount of time trying to figure out this new machine. Windows 10!! Oh my!! One day I’m going to be too slow to catch up to this technology. But for now…it’s slow going but I think I’ve got it!!

And oh yah…I think I have a sore throat, just in time for work tomorrow!! Lucky me!


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