Stress! How To Deal With It When It Surrounds You!


You are doing pretty well and then something happens that screws up your day, your week, your month.


With me, it’s usually something out of my control. I can’t really go into any sort of description here, but let’s say events that happened to someone affected everyone in our office.

Suddenly you are scrambling to fix things and make everything work smoothly again. But in order to do this, you have to go through a certain amount of juggling and figuring out what’s going on.

People are coming at you like hockey pucks at a goalie at incredible speeds and after the day is over, you find yourself exhausted and completely done for.

How do you deal with this type of situation?

I could tell you to react to it differently, but let’s be real for a moment. Sometimes you have no control of these types of situation and while you don’t need to contribute to it, you still need to deal with the stress around you.

Here are a few things that might help

  1. Take moments or breaks from the madness. Getting away from it for a while can help recharge you for the next round.
  2. Once your day is through, unplug. I know this one is hard, but tomorrow is always another day and you will do much better if you can unplug.
  3. So to unplug, you will need to distract yourself, which is my number 3. Work on something you like, watch a show you enjoy, take a bath, carve wood, scrapbooking etc. Anything that takes your mind off the stress.
  4. Exercise if you can. Exercise is linked to feel good endorphins and also helps with your dealing with situation with a clearer mind and letting you vent physically.
  5. Vent to a friend/family mentally. But warn them that you need their ear and that they don’t need to fix it, and that you just need their support right now. If they are loving caring people, they will let you do it (for a time). If you do it every time you have a problem and you have a problem every day, well that is different. But if you have an occasional problem and you can actually return the favor at some point, this kind of sharing is highly encouraged and healthy. Also good to feel like someone supports you.

Sometimes, a situation cannot be helped. It happened and you need to do damage control and try to restore the calm and routine. The best you can do is work hard at restoring that peace and deal with the stress the best you can.

And if all else fails and you feel really bad, ask for help. Trust me, someone cares about your peace of mind and will help.

So breathe deeply and take a load off, tomorrow should be better!





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