Philosophers and Great Big Discussions!

I used to dream of finding people I could have deep conversations with! My ego dictated that the more intelligent it was the better it must be.

As I got older I realized that these things were of less importance to me.

I found myself in such a place this morning.

Question posed to cause thought and debate and at some point I thought. Ah “Who Cares?” Just live and learn and live well for you.

Big words and philosophies to bring forth the intellectuals of the world… Whatever!

Yeah I know, people care, but really why complicate your life looking for answers that are different for everyone.

Everyone is at a different place in their lives and trying to make others see your way is sometimes just not worth the effort when they are not open to it.

And who says we are right? Most people are at a point in their lives where they need to be. If they need to learn something they will and move forward!

My journey right now is about good food, good times and looking to the future and planning for it.


For now, I prefer to keep writing about my journey and trying to shine on the positive of things in simple uncomplicated terms, and if it helps others figure it out too or helps open doors in their mind that they did not think to open, then that’s awesome.

If not, then it’s my simple journey on my time on the planet and what I’m getting from it, nothing more.

I try to keep complicated discussions at a minimum, and keep my life as simple as possible.

Maybe if I had nothing else to do, that would be of interest. Maybe that is why all great philosophers are older people, since they finally have the time to figure out the cosmos and our presence here. However, for now, my time on this blue ball is just at a minimum! ( just so many summers, falls etc.)

So why would I spend any of it making it complicated.

That’s my two cents on this topic. And every time I try to figure something out too big for my tiny head, I simply think to myself. Keep it simple stupid!

I am usually happier this way as well!






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