YouTube Channel! Please Support Us! Newest Video The Secret To Staying Motivated When Saving Cash! -Goals Of Course!

I just wanted to throw a small note out there about our new You Tube Channel. Well it’s not exactly new, but it’s not very old.

The thing is, it’s free for you to subscribe and watch, but it could eventually become a source of income for us in the future.

I post these on Facebook, but no revenue, not even a little is generated by doing this, and YouTube and Facebook won’t let us link a video properly to advertise as far as I can tell, so when I post these on Facebook from YouTube, all you see is a video with a title I’d like you to watch. Super easy to scroll by it without a thought.

So I invite you to like and share and subscribe. It’s quite easy actually. You just press the Red Subscribe Button underneath the video and you are now subscribed.

You get FREE entertainment, how-to etc,  at no cost to you. Just your time. And you may even get a chuckle at our expense once in awhile.

If you have a YouTube Channel, I would love to hear about it in the comments and I could support you as well by subscribing to yours. We use YouTube to learn about all kinds of things and is one of our major sources of entertainment, so we love hearing about new channels and we also know we are supporting others gets them a few dollars.

You can also get a notification when we post something new by email.

If you need to know how to do this, just ask and I will more than happy to let you know how to do that!

We would really appreciate your support as you already support me with my blog!

Just click on the You Tube Icon at the bottom of the screen of the video below and it will take you to our Channel! Any share, like or subscribe helps us as well.

So we thank you for doing that to show support! And as always we appreciate your time and we hope we can put a smile in your thoughts!

Here is our latest video, but there are great nature videos as well from our area to get you in the right relaxation mood. We are new at this so I’m hoping the content will get better and better for your viewing enjoyment. Go check it out!


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