One Year Of Blogging! I Am Grateful!

I have been blogging for a full year now!

I never thought I could do this 5 days a week for a full year, but yet here I am. I am so grateful for my readers and the journey I am on.

I could not ask for better, really.

What have I learned in the last year!

Here are a few things that have stuck with me.

  1. If you live and think positively, you get to enjoy much more in life, without agenda, just for your own health and happiness.
  2. Having and buying stuff does not equal happiness.
  3. I love being on a journey that will bring me financial independence.
  4. There are a ton of like-minded people out there, all you have to do is find them.
  5. And if you are grateful for every little thing in your life, even the lessons, you wake up feeling and living better.

I am still working on my 365 posts (personal goal from a Mark Twain excerpt from his book) and working on my 274 post right here today. So I figure that will be another 4 months or so and I should also reach that goal, proving that I love writing and love doing it every day (as if I really need to prove that at this point).

It’s shaping up to be quite an excellent summer and I plan to write about fun stuff that you can be doing at this time of the year, more ideas on what we are saving on (so maybe you can save too) and more videos from “A Decade to Freedom” our YouTube Channel. So I hope you all stick around for that. I’m also very open to any suggestions of things you would like me to write about if you have any suggestions.

I am very excited to see what the next year brings. Thanks for all your support and I am very grateful to all my readers!

Have a great week!Featured Image -- 740



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