Stop Tolerating Badly Behaved People!

I usually try to write about up beat things and keep it positive, however, ignoring bad behavior like it does not exist I think helps no one. And putting up with it to preserve the peace is not on my agenda, although I have noticed it seems to have become a thing nowadays.

A few examples have come to my attention this week of people who act badly and instead of being clearly stopped from doing so, they are being tolerated.

You see this in businesses a lot. One single pesky little employee who manages to be difficult about everything, or someone who thinks they know it all and then with the little or erroneous information they have cause havoc for everyone else surrounding them.

Should this person be stopped from repeating this pattern? Of course they should. Are they? No. Most of the time they are not or at least that has been my experience.

Instead, all I have heard is that we should all understand that person’s job and be more tolerant of difficult people.

Hell, they even sent me on a course for this and not once in that course was it mentioned that this behavior should not be tolerated. Not once in that 8 hour course was it mentioned “you should go to that person and tell them to stop yelling at me or bullying me”. It focused on how we could avoid from them yelling at us. ???

My analogy here is this. If you bring a donut into a mechanic’s garage and suddenly declare it a donut shop. It lacks common sense and is just ludicrous.


Why should everyone change their way of being for one single person, when that person is the one causing the issues.

When have we become so scared to tackle someone’s bad behavior? It goes beyond peace loving people; it’s more like “I really don’t want to deal with this problem, so we should all change as to pretend that all is well”.

There will always be people who take advantage of us and I’ve noticed that these people in my personal life usually have a hard time leaving when they are told to leave.

There is something in their brain that doesn’t compute that they have done anything wrong, even when you sit there and tell them to their faces. It’s like they are suddenly deaf.

I think the best way to fix this is to let them know there is a consequence to bad behavior. If you treat others badly and have been told to stop and you don’t, then consequences of job loss or loss of friendships is a general behavior that tolerance is only for those who are willing to be kind and fix the problem and not used as a tool to keep the peace at all cost.

The old saying of “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” should no longer apply here. If you become a burden, you help no one personally, no business attain their complete potential in this life.

I know many may not agree, but I am of this mind and believe enough is enough.

We are starting to live in a society that feels entitled to everything even if it means they step on other hard working people to do it.

Rules are not always bad, especially if it helps keep morale up. I’m not talking about public floggings, but let’s keep the perspectives real and give credit where it’s due and consequences where they are required.

Tolerance is good for people who have none. Over Tolerance like anything else that you abuse is not good for anyone.

Let’s teach people that tolerance is something that is given to people who care for one another, not just to put up with some with a personal agenda.

Rant over, now where it that donut?


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