It’s a Beautiful Day! Enjoy It!

Sometimes we have bad days, but some are usually pretty good.  Thankfully so.

Take those and cherish them. Hide them and lock them up and away in the small corners of your mind.

It’s a beautiful and glorious day. Not too hot, not too cold. Just the right kinda day!


And although I am stuck at work, I take the time to go outside every now and again to enjoy the Vitamin D.

Something we really miss out on in the winter here in our area of the world in Ontario, Canada.

Take a moment to stare at the flowing grass and the dancing leaves on the trees. Let the birdsong bring you peace.

I don’t know if they have always been this loud (the birds I mean), but it seems this year, they really are going to town with birdsong or maybe it’s just because I am really listening. Usually happens when you are at peace with yourself.

I sit at night and the morning, by my window and listen to them. It’s so calming and reminds me just how lucky I am to be alive.

Why do I stay around these parts even with the annoying winters? Well I’d have to say because it’s so beautiful here in the summer (also it’s where I have been all my life). When the sun comes out and the green is crisp and the birds are happy, it’s the very best place to be.

I’ve realized that when I create a beautiful place in my mind. I can usually create it for real in my surroundings. Build around nature with nature to make an oasis.

The end of May has been gloriously warm and beautiful and I intend on enjoying every day to the fullest. Even if I am stuck working it!

I’m also doing a series of beautiful summer videos to help me keep alive the magic of summer!

A new one will be posted tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day everyone! And enjoy the sun!

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