Be Realistic! When It Comes to Emulating Peace Lovers!

Last week, I faltered!

I became incensed with people who were driving me crazy. Some “Think They Know It All” put their big noses in my business and caused havoc.

Although the situation was rectified quickly and I had proof to corroborate my story and was vindicated immediately, the situation was nonetheless aggravating to the point of distraction for me.

I lost all my Zen and was immediately in grenade mode.

All through this ordeal, I knew I was not reacting nicely to the situation. I knew that I was not emulating the hundreds of teachers I had been reading and trying to be like in peace and love and all that jazz.

In subsequent conversations with my mother and husband, we discussed the fact that most of these gurus probably did not have everyday situations like mine.

That folks put these people on pedestals and the last thing anyone would ever do would be to aggravate them like a common employee would. They usually work for themselves or are retired, so being an employee in the rat race is not something they can relate to anymore. Not really, even if they did at one point.

That maybe if they were put in these constant situations, with their buttons being pushed constantly, that they may also react differently than just chant and quote peace love and forever happiness.

I’m not criticizing, but simply putting into perspective. Also not making excuses, just saying it as it is.

So if suddenly, you are in a situation that pushes your triggers. Don’t judge yourself too harshly. There is no need to stay upset indefinitely, but if you lost control, you must remember that anyone who gets pushed long enough will probably do the same thing.

And sometimes in this one sided or other world, we sometimes need to draw a line in the sand and it’s not always pretty when we do. People who do things without thought and insensitivity should be called out on it, so they know it’s not acceptable behavior. Ignoring and quoting peace doesn’t help stop the bad behavior.

The most important thing is to remember to forgive and move on. To move on from the situation and try to leave as peacefully as you can because too much of one or the other is simply not good for you.

And holding on to anger is never any good for you and that is the person you are protecting. Not the jerks of the world.

Living in peace all the time in a world of chaos, can leave you without the abilities to handle bad situations that can sometimes happen and living in chaos all the time can lead to sickness of body and mind, and that is also bad. So try to find your Zen, but be alright if you need to vent every once in a while.FB_IMG_1464606938084


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