Keep Trying!

Never give up! Even when you think you should.

Drive yourself until you find your thing, your niche, and your passion.

You may be minutes away from finding it. A sure way to know it’s for you regardless of how it does anywhere else is how it feels when you do it.

Does it bring you joy or is it just a chore? Does it come naturally or are you always fighting to get it done?

Here’s the secret. If it feels right to you and you just can’t give up. That is a fantastic indication that you are doing what you are meant to. If it feels any other way, it’s because you need to keep looking or rather just experiencing. We know what we love; we just don’t observe enough while it’s happening.  It’s a put 2 and 2 together kind of thing.

We become so institutionalized that we forget that we can just walk around and find our thing with little to no effort. It just kind of comes to us.

But we rarely have the time do what we love or even think of it.

Holidays and long weekends usually afford a bit more time to think about it.

And you might be surprised to hear that even though I write most every day, I don’t think I have found my niche of what I want to talk about right yet. However, I did find out yesterday what I wanted to video about and what I really enjoy and it tied in to my nature shots. And I love doing nature shots. So it should not have been a big surprise, but really it was!

Stay tuned because tomorrow is when that first video comes out and I hope I can be inspired to make many more and that it was not just a fluke of how easy it came to me. I’m pretty sure I tied into something there though. Only time will tell.


Now if I had not kept trying different things out, I would have never come up with it. The secret is to keep trying. Discard what’s not working and keep trying.

Trust me; you know what I am talking about. You’ve had those perfect moments doing what you love that was mostly without effort and didn’t feel like work at all.

Those are the things you are looking for. Find that and you have found the way to have a fulfilling and happy life.

So go into your memory banks and remember how good moments felt. Work with that and on that to create your own wonderful life.

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