10 Things Google Can Help You With!

When doing anything I always refer to Mr. Google or at least that is what I refer to the search engine as. With tablets and smartphones, it’s become an encyclopedia at your fingertips.


Mr. Google helps me find anything I might be unsure of. Better ways of doing stuff. Reviews before I buy and where to buy my stuff.

Just in case you were not sure, here are 10 things you can search for with this engine (there are more, but I will do 10 today). I use Google because I like the way it feels to me, but you could probably use any search engine.

  1. Looking for stores to buy products and want to know the best prices. You can do that for online stores as well.
  2. Looking for businesses and opening hours. I do this a lot in my area because we are in the country with limited opening hours. It’s always good to see when and if they are open before traveling the distance in your car.
  3. Need a review on something you want to buy. Good or bad you can type it in Google and you can have access to hundreds if not thousands of reviews. Making a better informed decision.
  4. You can look up definitions. I do this a lot if I hear a word that I am not familiar with.
  5. Afraid of medications you have been prescribed. You can always type in the name and see what comes up. I prefer to be informed of what I put in my body. Of course anything you find should be brought up to your doctor for further investigation, but it’s is alright to question if you have concerns.
  6. If you put the word free in front of anything you are looking for, you might be surprised at what you find. Just be careful if you are downloading something to make sure it’s a reputable site. You can also type in the name of the site on Google and put is this *** safe? to find out! You can find some free giveaways, contests, and coupons.
  7. In some cases, you can find people by typing in their names in the search engine. And it’s always interesting to see what comes up when you put your own name.
  8. You can use it to find some really beautiful images. Just click on images tab at the top after you put what you are looking for and you will have an array of pictures provided for viewing.
  9. You can find some pretty inspiring quotes. Even if you only remember part of it, sometimes it’s all it needs to find it for you.
  10. You can find maps by clicking on the maps tab, or even put in google with another countries name to get the search engine from that country to do your searches.

It’s a really great tool if you use it to help you find and live an easier life. It’s really like a full encyclopedia and more. The sky’s the limit or rather the globe and beyond.

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