Offended All The Time! Take a Step Back!

I’ve done something bad this week. I started looking at the news again and instantly got sucked into the madness of the world.


I got to look at what the worst the world has to offer. From dumb decisions to dumb comments, it’s all there for the world to see.

To get to the best of us in the far reaches of every corner if we let it.

I realized my mistake a few days into it, but it was too late. Just the glimpse into the world that I saw got me all upset and negative.

I instantly wanted to get into the fold of commenting myself at the stupidity of it all and then decided that I no longer want to do that.

It’s my nature though to want to try and fix ignorance when I know I can’t do that. You can’t fix others, just yourself and your way of reacting to it.

So I once again need to distance myself as a chronic shopaholic would distance themselves from the mall.

I need to regain my sense of peace and happiness. That should be a priority at this point in my life.

I literally ended up pinching a nerve in my leg in the middle of the night and I’m sure it’s because of being upset over stuff I read and the feeling of being unable to fix the problems.

But how do you do that? Get away from what is always there in front of you. You try to distance yourself from anything news related. Zone out what you can’t get rid of.

Get rid of people who keep posting about crooked politicians and the next price hike. Because frankly there will always be something to complain about and always someone trying to take advantage of the working class.

The thing of it all is to be able to let go of most of what is not affecting you and if it does, looking for alternatives that make your life a joy to live because you get to do it on your own terms.

So stop giving your energy to people who care nothing for you, when you can be putting it into what you want out of this life.

So brush it off.  Live a life of gratefulness and stop being offended by every little thing. LET IT GO. Shake that addiction.

I am going to enjoy a much needed long weekend coming up. They are announcing really nice weather and I need the re alignment of nature to bring me back to what is important and let the sun heal me so I can move forward in my life and days ahead.

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