The Benefits Of A Time Out!


Going nuts! Don’t know what to do?

Feel like you are stuck between a rock and hard place? Take a break!

Get out of the phone, chair, hall, isle, cash counter and walk away for a moment. A 2 minute break away from the damaging area is all you sometimes need to catch your breath and re-start.

Three lines going off one after another and just one brain to listen to one person at a time…Take a minute and walk away.

Let the answering machine catch it, take a moment and regain your sanity. Re-center yourself and re-focus. And call them back.

When you deal in the customer service industry, we sometimes get overwhelmed by people wanting something right now.

It can feel like all these people are trying to suck a part of your soul away all at once. They are not. They just want some service. What they sometimes don’t understand is that you are just one person dealing with many people.

It’s alright to let yourself rest in between crazy calls or customers. You can take a moment to have a drink and rest. We are not machines and when we try to make our bodies react like a machine, we suddenly get into big trouble because it’s only so long until the body starts reacting badly to this type of abuse.

Afraid to be fired? There is that. However, if you are at a job where the boss is not willing to understand that you have to sometimes help yourself keep yourself healthy of mind and body when things are nuts, then it’s better that you find out now that this may not be the company for you. Actually, we want to change companies from promoting these type of behaviors, so we can live in a kinder better place.

And above all, they should realize that a calm and focused you will serve their clients much more efficiently than an unhappy and frazzled you.

So take a moment when you need it. Turn lemons into lemonade. It’s all in the way you see it.

* I was lucky enough to be able to take my lunch hour at home today and spend some time with my boys. How nice that felt. A nice time out. And one very much needed.


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