People Who Love To Talk! Putting Your Ideas Out There!

I’m a talker. I talk a lot.

I don’t have to be told this, because I know. I wake up wanting to converse and usually give my thoughts out to anyone who wants to listen to them. I am learning to ask questions of people that will make me a listener. I am the one to keep the conversation going. Pull people out of their shells.

I was not always this way. I can remember in my life where my conversations were basically with myself because I didn’t feel I could talk to anyone without making a fool of myself. Thinking my ideas were all just something that no one else but me would think were great. False.

I no longer care about such things and frequently get popular sayings all backwards and then get corrected, laughed at me because I just sounded super dumb.

Regardless of all of this I am a talker and I like to think as someone who rationalizes things as she goes. It’s not always right, but I try now for fair or more kindness in my thoughts as I get older. I like to help people re-think things in a new way if possible. A put yourself in the others persons shoes type of thing. In ways that will bring on more compassion.

I let go of a lot more. But being a talker, I think that people often just shut me out. Here is what I mean by shut me out. As I talk, I see them leaving the conversation slowly, the eyes no longer make contact. And sometimes I add that an alien has landed on the roof to see if they are still paying attention or just nodding for effect. I catch a lot that way and they then realize that something just happened when I stop talking and smile at them.

The thing is about us talkers is that even though we have a lot to say, it does not mean we aren’t still are saying something of value. Something you should listen to. But depending on your position in life, you may be forced to be taken as less than what you are. Example: A lowly office worker (one they come too to however to get bailed out of a situation because they know where their bread is buttered << see I got that one without screwing it up. The saying I mean).

In business, it’s all about short and precise because most lack the mental capacity of holding their attention for any longer than 10 seconds. To me that only indicates people who need to slow down and take stock that maybe they are going too fast.

They are producing quickly but are losing all the flavor of what it means to live. And we are here to make connections. To come together and share the wealth and imagination and intelligence to make every ones life a better one.

Why are holidays so good? Because we slow down and taste life. We have time to sit and stop producing but to experience. Why is it that it has to stop when the vacation ends? Why can’t we make that part of the new worldly agenda? To slow down and make connections instead of transactions.

Instead we have been preconditioned to walk to the streets of life going at break neck speeds accomplishing 1000 things without actually knowing the benefits of it all except for keeping their job another day.

I’m rambling now and slightly off topic, but my whole point is this: If you are a late talker (bloomer) such as I was. Don’t let anyone make you feel as if you should be quiet. Find an outlet, such as I have. Like a blog or YouTube channel to let your knowledge and wisdom shine.

Believe in Yourself! You Matter! Have fun with your thoughts! Share! If you have someone who can’t be bothered with your ideas or thoughts for whatever reasons, find someone who will listen to you and want to listen to what you have to say. You should be listened to and don’t let anyone make you feel like you should not.

You are changing this world for the better by expanding and sharing your ideas. Let this be the legacy we leave our kids. Not preconditioned ways of business and rat race, but one where we make a society of people who share who they are and build a society where we improve each other, not ignore each other!


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