Putting Your Mind At Ease!

I had a bad night last night!

My older son who just started working evenings did not call or text or let me know that he was arrived safely and where he was supposed to be, and suddenly at 11 pm I started worrying when I could not reach him on his cell (no communication except for a drop in at my job before he left for his at 2 pm).

It occurred to me that we no longer had a home phone, but even at that, if someone gets hurt in a car accident or work accident, a cell phone can be broken. And your licenses only show your address. Depending on hospitals, their information for the number to reach you could be inaccurate since some of us don’t go to hospitals that often.

After waiting til almost 1 am and glaring at my son’s face and excuse of “I was busy, Mom!” I started to think of how I could put my mind at ease. The nice thing would be to at least let me know once in the day that he is OK, but that’s an entire blog entirely.

So I did the simplest thing I could find. I got some sticky notes and put them on the back of our health cards and driver’s licence, small enough to not be in the way of information on the cards but big enough to be of service if something does happen. I put 2 different numbers on them just in case. With the words “In Case of Emergency.”

Life is just too precious that if something does happen, I would want to be contacted as soon as humanly possible.

And while the thought of it really makes me sick to my stomach, I find that at least in case of an emergency, I would have done everything possible that someone could reach us.

We don’t dwell on the bad, but if it does happen, the best we can do is be as prepared for it as we possible can.

Wishing everyone the safest and best days possible ahead!

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