On The Cusp Of Another Paid Bill!

I was going to write about a completely different topic today! But decided instead that I am writing about the excitement I am feeling right at this moment about closing in on paying off another debt. 

The 3rd largest one. We have paid off  Credit Cards in the past and a Furniture Payment (couch) etc over the past 6 months but the last 3 big ones are these.

  1. Car (jeep) $7000
  2. Credit Line $30000
  3. Mortgage $123000

Well my Jeep is almost paid off Car (Jeep) $7000. Yes I can hear you say that we still have over 150,000 after that is paid, but we started at $166,609 in October, so we are thrilled to have paid almost $15,000 in 6 months. In another couple of weeks that bill will be reduced to $0.

The next one will be the big one for us. The one that needs to be gone. We will have a mortgage left to pay after that which should be around $115 000 by the time we have that credit line paid off.

And we actually believed we probably saved a lot more than that because my husband had surgery and was off for a month (thank god for savings in the account). My older son had employment problems and he only returned to work this month (we are crossing our fingers at this new job, but he was no longer contributing).

And then we went on vacation for 2 weeks and did some renovations and a week in Quebec City that cost money too.

And YET, here we ARE. The debt is still lowering and we are going full tilt into the next one. I am so happy and proud of us. We are motivated by our goals will be living in freedom in the next 9 1/2 years.

Every paycheck, every savings, every month monies can be allocated to paying down a debt until one day, the money we make will have nowhere to go but to make us more money (what a wonderful thing). We are getting rid of the need for the next paycheck, one bill at a time.

We are very happy and even more motivated now than ever.

We will be making a video soon of our PROGRESS on our channel for this on “Decade To Freedom”.

You can watch the first video here from October.


This was all possible because we started spending less than we make and more importantly we were spending less than what we make by being careful but more than that, by looking at all that we were spending on and making better decisions. Those money saving decisions did not only get bills paid off but also protected us when we suddenly had things to deal with that were not planned.

High Five to my peeps for our awesome progress. May the next six months feel just as good as we do today!


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