Being Yourself vs. Being Rude

I’ve been mulling this over in my mind lately.

With the invention of social medias, people have been interacting with each other in masses more now than ever from all over the world.

Only thing is, it’s usually not in person. It’s over some media platform. Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter just to mention a few.

We are also in a time of people telling others to “just be yourself”.

I am all for not faking your way through this life. However, my question is this?

When is it being yourself or just an all out pass to be rude and disrespectful? When is this being yourself body and mind or just an easier lazier way because putting an actual thought into anything become too much work?

Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Whether or not they should voice them (or show them even) every single time they get them is another matter. Especially if it’s only to show others up on what they do wrong.

If you take this as a way to be rude to everyone and negative, then maybe that “just be yourself” saying should be amended to, is being yourself being rude and negative to everyone else? Or just because you don’t speak it, does it mean you should not filter it as well? Just because you don’t like washing, does it mean everyone should have to smell you? When does it become about self expression or just lack of caring?

Are people showing others up because they feel invalidated in their own lives? Maybe?

You know the ones. They hardly say anything to everything you post. They silently watch and can never be bothered to comment or like anything you say except that one time you put something they don’t like or can correct you on! Then BAM, they are all over that!

If it’s ever happened to you, I’m sure you can look at the comments and realize that it’s not the people who interact with you every day making the noise. It’s the ones who never do.

As we make our way into a more and more entitled society I start to miss the people who took the time to be kinder instead of the new brutally honest society we are breeding.

What I notice is that brutal honesty for people who preach it’s wonders only works one way for them. When they have something to say. Not the other way around.

I’m not saying that it is OK to be stepped on. All I am saying is that it’s easier to be rude and not filter anything coming out of your brain and out of your mouth, than to sit and think of a kinder and nicer way of being with others while still putting your point across.

And then again, is the point you are trying to make really important enough to be rude? Just because you don’t agree, does it make it right? Is correcting that person a necessity or just because you need to be right? Would it be better to write a thoughtful note to someone privately than to do the equivalent of waving your arms posting comments telling them they are wrong and what they say is crap?

I don’t always agree with what is posted, like some who preach to others and religions and such, but I simply scroll past and do not comment. Because it’s their beliefs and opinions and it’s their right to have them. When I don’t agree, I have choices of my own. I can just unfriend myself from them or ignore it if I don’t like it.

Do we really want a raise a generation where everyone speaks all unfiltered thoughts and ideas and call it being yourself? Or do we want to be evolving and realizing that our first thoughts may not always be the greatest ones with the verbal diarrhea that follows that no one also does not need?

Maybe evolution starts when we think before we do and speak, or should we still all be peeing on the ground whenever we need to? OH wait, guys still do that? Sorry. Bad example.

Is it improving the world around you or is it just proving you are right and others are not?

In our quest to be free of feeling oppressed, did we forget that we also had to be kind and respectful to one another as well?

This may shock you at this point (not really), but I have done this in the past and probably do it every once in awhile (go figure I am human too). However, I have found that it usually serves no purpose and does not help me when I put my own foot in my mouth (that happens a lot too). But I like to think I like and sometimes comment on all kinds of stuff to let others know I see them and like or love what they say.

I was told a long time ago that when you point one finger at someone, three fingers are usually pointing back at you.

I’m sure I will have many who disagree with my assessment and that is alright. It’s a free world. And some would say that this blog is also an opinion and that it is mine and not theirs. I’m OK with that too.

Just do me a favor and filter it before you give it to me straight, will ya!



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