It’s All Just A Perception!

Went to a concert on Friday!

It was great! The singer brought out feelings that I had not felt about music in a very long time.

The tickets had been provided by my husband’s boss and we entered the box which was pretty swanky for us little people. Sometimes feels like 3rd class steerage is allowed in 1st class accommodations. For me anyhow. It’s an old way of thinking but one that hits me when I walk into a box such as this to see a world class entertainer.

I always try to lift my head up high and not let the fact that I am not part of the mucketymucks make me feel like less of a person.

In the box was the standard high class schmucks, and one older couple that I started speaking to. They were talking about things they had done and travels they had experienced.

I started thinking that they were probably wealthy when I mentioned that my older son works hard at a minimum wage employment. I mentioned I didn’t care much of what my son did as long as he worked hard and was happy in his life, and that if it was good for him, I was happy as well.

I was met with the comment, “well yes, there needs to be some minimum wage workers” in a very uppity manner.

We spoke some more and I was alright with my position in life, when I finally asked at intermission with which company they were since my husband did not recognize them. They said that the girl who had been offered these tickets such as we were could not go, so she offered them to their daughter (who is a theater actress of some sort, as far as I could tell, no one really known, just a performer) and she could not go, so she offered the tickets to them. So in essence, these tickets were 3 times removed from where they should have been.

So these people knew no one and were not part of the muckitymucks but simply just the average joe and his wife who landed some pretty good tickets, such as we did. Well I started to laugh and laugh, more at myself than them.

I was so sure they were part of some big conglomerate owners or big important people that I forgot the number one rule in my life.

That I don’t care! And it doesn’t really matter.

I laughed more because the joke had been on me. Sometimes I go back to my old ways of thinking and then I cause myself harm by thinking myself less than others and I should not. Ever.

The only person I should ever impress is myself. That remains the most important thing always. And it should never be by status or money, but sometimes old patterns emerge to let us know that there is still work to be done. The damage was minimal because I kept telling myself that I was as good as everyone there. But it was still so funny when the universe let me know just how ridiculous that all was by showing me how I should always just be myself and let others do the same.

Well played! Lesson learnt!

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