Expect Nothing – Be Grateful For Everything!

I am lucky. It’s not a bragging thing, it’s a fact. In the worst moments of my life, I have always believed and felt that everything would be alright. And they usually were.

Things would happen just at the right time to get me out of a tight squeeze. And later on in years and since I have changed my way of thinking, things have gotten even better.

Opportunities show up and I am grateful for them, however, I’m realizing that even if the fun stuff that happens would suddenly disappear at a moments notice. I’d still be alright.

And the more I go the less I expect. When the fun/good stuff happens, I am grateful, but if they were suddenly gone, I could create my own moments and move on without too much disappointment.

Example: Tonight I have the privilege to have gotten tickets that my husband was given to go to a concert. Free is good and it’s by an artist we both like. I am very happy about this, but even if that would change, I could be equally happy sitting in the my plastic chair in my yard with a glass of wine listening to the same artist on my phone.

Why? Because I no longer expect anything, but am so grateful when something good does happen!

I have found that it helps to think that way so that you reduce your disappointments in life. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control. Only the way you react to it matters in the end. If you can be happy with what you have no matter what and let go of what you can’t change. Life will feel a lot kinder to you!

So I try to be happy for whatever happens without holding on too tight. So that way I get to enjoy the moment fully without being totally unhappy if things change. And I prefer that kind of mindset. It makes like much more easy to do and actually brings more magic to every moment.

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