You Are Awesome!

Yes you are! You work hard, you are good to the people who want your help, your love, your understanding.

You let go of pains in the @$$e$ (sorry had to be said). There will always be those who will take advantage of the situation and make everyones life harder, because they only care about themselves. But it’s OK, because you rock and you know Karma will hit them back and you might even get to give a little smile when it does (if you are around).

When you take someone elses tasks and make it work that you get all your stuff done and theirs, you can sit there and think. Yes baby! I’m that good!

When you have been the shoulder that helped, that phone call of encouragement, that person who put up with it! You are fabulous!

When you are dealing with difficulties, but make it through like a pro. Well you deserve a medal! I’m giving you one right here!


You go ahead and enjoy it and be proud of yourself. You deserve that tap on the back. You don’t have to get real noisy about it (you know so that you don’t upset “Murphy”). But let the lightness hit your step as you walk around. Smile because you know how good you are.

If no one will tell you. I will. You are good! Don’t ever think any other way! You get it done. And with style and knowledge and you can go on with your day feeling accomplished and proud. Don’t take any time to feel anger at others, frustrated with people who don’t get it, but instead, feel AWESOME about yourself.

If you are reading this wondering if I’m talking about you. Don’t wonder…I most certainly am.

I think you are Awesome. And you know what? I am too.

Own your everyday and rock it!


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