Someone Cares!

Ever sit and wonder who you have around you that loves you or cares for you?

Do you end up listening to the little voice inside your head that reminds that it’s not very much?  That Facebook friends are not really friends. That You Know many but not many of those actually care. I have. That maniacal voice inside my head that reminds me when I’ve had a slow blog day. My boys don’t text me back. Where I never get to see anyone, stuck in an office alone again, thinking, maybe, just maybe….nobody cares.

Do you get those days? I do. Less and less now, since I chose to not dwell on such questions. And you should not either. It’s not good for you and it’s simply not true.

Problem is we get those moments when we are alone. But that is just a moment in time.

You are on this planet with 7.4 billion other people, so you will never be alone for long.

All you ever need to do is talk to a stranger or someone walking by and you will be able to connect to someone.

You are not the only one who is looking for a connection and you are bound after looking for a bit to make at least one meaningful connection from customers coming in more than willing to share part of their lives with you, to the cashier at the store who is helping you pack your groceries.

You may have a small group of people that you are close to, and that’s OK. You simply need one person to talk to so that you feel not alone in this big great world.

Will you die alone? Yes, you will. We generally do.We would not want to have anyone die with us. Will someone be there? Probably, all depends on how, but no one should ever dwell on those questions, because it’s not time well spent.

The better question would be, will you live alone in your mind? You can live physically alone and still be connected to many people. Do you associate with online Facebook friends. I do. There are even some that make me smile daily when I see their posts. Rhonda, Kate, Gregg, Leanne, Marcella just to name a few. When I see their posts, I can’t possibly feel alone and that means they are not alone either because they are in my thoughts. Do you go out and have friends you love to meet up with? So you are connected there too.

Don’t let others or even yourself believe that friends of any kind are less or more than they are. (example, some say Facebook friends are not real friends…not true) If they communicate with you and make you feel good, they are friends to you, plain and simple. Truth is what the mind believes.

It’s those who take the time to be good to you. To connect and care that matter.

So next time you think you are alone in this great big world. Take another look, have a different thought. Because I can assure you, it’s really not the case.

And if you ever do feel that way and can’t find anyone. Connect with me. Problem solved.


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