Happiness In A Bottle!

In my years struggling with weight loss, I’ve gone down roads where I hoped that someone would come up with a product that would solve everyone’s problems regarding being fat.Unfortunately, after many pills, shakes etc. I have come to the conclusion that there is no easy fix. And even if some work for a time, they are never a long term solution. I make it a point now to know that if I can’t apply it to my everyday, then I should just let it be.

In order to get what you want, there is rarely a magic pill, no matter how much we want one.

You need commitment and perseverance to make things happen and go the way you want. Now I’m still overweight, but I’m sure if I did some clean living all of the time and committed to the exercise, I would see results.

But another thing occurred to me as I got older, is how many try to manipulate the need to be skinny and look a certain way. They peddle their snake oils and more than that, they use tactics that really are underhanded and not even believable at times.

The Before and After pics are always my favorite. Change the shirt and hold your gut in. Put a torso and then another that looks skinnier with no heads so you can’t verify if it’s the actual same person (which you know it’s not). And then there are the Photoshop manipulations. The stretching of the photo to appear sleeker. That stuff really gets on my nerves.

Thank goodness that now that people put reviews on such things that we can all check those out before we ever purchase a single thing, but still, why would people try these things? I guess money is the simple answer to that question.

As I once again stared at such a blatant hogwash pitch on my laptop. I decided to make a funny video about it.

Showing what in my mind would be the steps that people would go to to make a buck. The actual infomercial and then the points leading up to it. I am grateful to my son Jess who was so willing to help with the process and being the model for the fakemercial as I call it.

My only advice for anyone looking into such stuff nowadays is do your research before you purchase anything. There is so much more access to good information, make it your goal to inform yourselves before you buy anything.

Hope you get a chuckle watching it, we sure did!

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