Tiny Homes! My First Visit!

Ever since we have found them on YouTube, we have watched everything we can find on that subject. I could even say that my husband is a bit obsessed with it. Needless to say if we had known of this when we were young newlyweds or had the idea brought forth to us, our road to home ownership might have started quite differently.

With today’s technology and alternative energy, it’s getting simpler and simpler to live off grid and lessening our footprint on the planet is becoming of greater importance to the population.

McMansions are on their way out and Tiny Homes are gaining popularity not only because of it’s tiny size, but because of the comfort you can have while saving tons of money. The pricing and mobility of them makes it possible for anyone to have a place to call their own. It optimizes spaces and promotes minimizing your belongings to only the things you really need or absolutely love, which also minimizes spending loads on money on needless things, making you optimize for what’s really important.

Tiny Homes also afford the possibility of making your home your own by customizing to your style and taste.

If this interest you at all, I would suggest taking a look on YouTube. You won’t run out of material to watch. And there is a lot out there to look at.

So when my husband surprised me today by telling me he saw one in Aylmer built in a company’s lot that people could stop and look at, we made our way out there to see.

Here are some pics it. We are not ready to buy yet since we love our 1400 square foot home, but I won’t say never because they are simply lovely and a great alternative way of living.

And the one thing that surprised us most is how roomy it was to actually be in there. It didn’t feel restrictive, actually cozy and beautifully made were more the words that crossed my mind.

This one is on Pink Road in Aylmer QC. Made by a company named Lumbec. They have a Facebook page if anyone is interested. The one we saw here was being sold for $45000. A 8 1/2 by 21 feet. A bit out of our price range, but it gave us some good ideas of what we liked and didn’t like. Of course you could always build your own for much less.

Here’s the view from both sides: One side the living room banquette and the other side has counters on each side and the bathroom at the end with pocket door (not shown).



Here’s the bedroom in the loft upstairs!



Here’s is the kitchen! Just so lovely! And counters on both sides and still plenty of room to get around.


The Bathroom!


The tiny but efficient Dickinson propane heater!


And the view from here, from the outside!


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