Why I Write…

Why write? Really. Why would I write anything at all with all that is out there? I’m no better than anyone else? I don’t write prose to make you weep! I’m not particularly witty or extremely smart in the way that I put things out there.

There are probably millions of people writing all over the world. Everyone has an opinion, a gimmick, a thing. Why bother?

When I look at what is most popular stuff out there, it barely makes sense to me. Gaming videos, Hollywood gossip, etc…

I write about none of that. I care about none of that.

This is one of the things I care about.

This is the area where I live! A hidden gem. Not what I write about, but where I write.

I live an uncomplicated country life and wonder why I’m so out of tune with the rest of the world. But that is nothing new for me. I love my family and a few special friends whether I see them all the time or not. They are the people who matter. The more I live the more I march at the beat of my own drum, but again, I have probably always done that.

I write because it’s like breathing for me. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s what I need to do.

Writing brings to the surface the millions of thoughts that simply skim the surface of the brain, bringing forth the process of finding out why a thought or emotion is important to us. Writing to find meaning for ourselves and others.

Writing heals all the open wounds we leave seeping through our lives. It makes us face the hurt, the pain and put it in perspective to see if we can do anything about it. Or at least make us realize that these things shape us.

Writing helps make our mark in this world. Pure and simple. To not be forgotten.

Writing can help heal others when you share your experiences. It can help them as well if you are offerings tips and tricks for everyday living.

Writing is sharing, and hopefully for the good. And that is why I will continue writing as long as I can.





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