Walk Your Own Way!

In life you will have people want to put you into a mold. If you give them one thing, they will continue expecting that of you always. If you change anything, you risk the chance of people persecuting you and not accepting you.

Take for example, Ellen DeGeneres who came out. Already a fabulously funny comedian with a gift to make people laugh, popular and famous in her own right, she was suddenly ignored when she came out. Because it was not cool to change the idea that people had of her. That has since changed and she had become even bigger and still funny and compassionate. I think her story is worth taking a look at.

What about singers who want to be actors. Rarely do they make it, because people want them to stay in the role they have associated with them.

I’m here to tell you it’s alright to be who you want to be, even if that changes overnight.

If you want to write about happy thoughts one day and then post your laundry in a bucket videos. You go right ahead. Life is not about fitting in. Life is about living it your way!

I’ve prided myself in not following what everybody likes and knowing my own mind and thoughts. I learnt this at an early age when I couldn’t get the designer clothes all the others wore and sometimes wondered how everyone wearing the identical pair of 60 dollar jeans made a difference in the world or why I would want to look like everyone else.

You may lose followers in the process, but did you ever want mindless people following only one way of thinking or one thought, or would you rather people who think for themselves and want to be part of your journey!

There is a big AMEN to that from me!

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