Getting By On Low Days!

With constant chronic pain, it stands to reason you will have days when your Mojo is just not going to be what it should be.

On those days, I am usually sore if not in all out pain, very tired and out of sorts. Over the years, I have done a few things to stack the deck in my favor to help when it’s not so good to be me body wise.

I work somewhere where I don’t need to be physically active if it’s not required, so on those days where my body just wants rest, I can sit and type all day, only moving for special occasions.

I also tell the people around me out of kindness that I am under the weather and that I probably won’t be my cheerful self for a few, just in case they think they may have done something when all I want to do is to save my energy for customers and try to stay quiet otherwise. I don’t whine to them because I realize how old that is after awhile, so I just keep it short but let them know.

I try to rest when I can and just get through my day. Being busy is sometimes the best way of not falling into the pit of sorry despair. So I am grateful for my bad days keeping busy with work.

I try to only medicate when I am really at the end of my wits or in real bad pain. And always try to remember to be real grateful when I have the good days and get the most out of them, but also try to be as productive as I possibly can on the bad days too. Even if that only means getting up and getting dressed.

Lots of rest is usually a great healer and a good way of making one bad day go into a better one.

My plans are not perfect and sometimes it’s really hard to keep a good thought in my mind, and to be nice. But I try to stay quiet if nothing else. If you surround yourself with good people who try to be good to you when you are down or just don’t aggravate the situation, you are already half-way there.

When in need I cry, not drastically but enough to release what needs to be released. And sometimes I just sit quietly talking to my body. Telling it how I know it can heal itself and that I care about it. I find it calms me and helps me carry on. It may be weird, but here’s me sharing with you.

I’ve done a few things to help myself, but regardless of what I do, I still have those days where everything goes out of whack and my mind and body both start feeling like they are working against me. So I just stop and rest.

When I go home tonight, I have a fuzzy comfy blanket on my comfy couch and I will just lay there and nap if I need to or just be in the heart of my home where I need to be, quietly surrounded by love. And that is what really matters!


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