What A Difference Growing Up Makes!

Once again, I was asked or voluntold to attend a course. I remember these events being painful and somewhat insulting. Like saying that I needed training to be better at a job that I was already rocking. I never subscribed to that saying that you can never be too good at a job or that you always have something to learn. I always believed that someone was trying to force me into training that was secretly attacking my work ethic.


So I went into these courses with a chip on my shoulder and I would sit there, hoping that it would end quickly so I could go back at being insulted and misunderstood by the big bad corporation.

But since then I have realized that I am a human who gets better with age and knows more and more about what peace and contentment I want in my life.

And part of that is realizing that I should never judge myself before anyone else does.

Unless someone directly tells me that I suck, I don’t take any suggestions that they have as such. Life is too short to live on assumptions. So this time I did not, and went to this course with an open mind.

By being open about the process, I was able to participate and get a great mark in the process and kudos from the teacher whom I heard speak of me to the HR manager as I walked out the door.


All in all, I had a most pleasant day. I was able to learn and even reflect on much more than I did even 3 years before.

All this to say that my state of mind made this day, less of an ordeal and more of an experience worth having.

Every day offers you chances to learn new things. Things that may be of benefit later and in ways you didn’t even know they would.

So here is are the lessons I took away with me:

Keep your mind open to new opportunities.

Let self-doubt die where it belongs, which is out of your head.

Enjoy every experience, training or otherwise as a chance to learn something new.

And you may even a get an A+ for your efforts. I did!


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