Going Through The Motions!

Ever feel empty! Going through the motions? work-clipart-007-work_so-tired

Suddenly, everyone looks happier than you. Everyone has the answers to everything or a better home, a better outlook, a better bank account.

Everyone around you starts to get on your nerves. They goof off, make stupid comments or jokes. You ask for help or advice or even ideas only to be met with anything but.

Being very strong in character (which I can hear some say…that’s one way of putting it), I usually just keep pushing forward until I get to where or close to where I want to be.

Doesn’t mean some days I don’t feel like I am going through the motions or kinda empty inside. Uninspired by the people or things around me.

I have come up with a potential answer to this.These are my shlumpy days! And yes that is not an actual word. I made that up.

Sometimes the lack of problems IS the problem.


Ever get to a moment where nothing is going on? Nothing good or bad, just the same ole stuff. Every weekend, you go through the same motions.

And I know what some will say. Be grateful for what you have, you could be starving or etc… And yes, while that is all true, the human race usually shines the brightest when faced with obstacles, something to conquer.

While we work hard to get through our problems, we are feeling accomplished and feel that sense of well-being for having gotten through them.

My relationships are never stronger when facing some kind of obstacle. I believe it’s because we are all facing something that brings us together and working at getting over whatever needs to be done or accomplished.

But what if suddenly there isn’t much going on. You have gotten over your obstacles and you fall into the motions of everyday. You sit around and watch TV and let life pass you by. Start feeling blank inside and just uninspired.

Why do you think most books or movies end after the solution, relationship has been found or solved. Because watching people live their every day lives after all of that would be sooo boring.

We create our lives, even our routines. And while I personally believe routines keep us in the now and moving forward most of the time, it can get a bit monotonous at other times and leave us feeling a bit bland.

This is why you need to expand yourself in different directions. I usually go online and look for things, read others Facebook posts to see what they do to keep themselves busy in a day.

Some do Tarot cards, some do Essential Oils. Some are into meditation groups, others like to do some renovations on the cheap (one of my favorites) and with that I can find some stuff that I can plan out that is a little out of the ordinary of my every day life.

I love YouTube for ideas, Tiny Homes (my husbands favorite), Saving Money Ideas etc.. They offer a myriad of options for you to look at. Things you may want to try yourself.

Day trips, picnics, it doesn’t matter much what you do, as long as you try to find something to get you through your days or at least the more boring ones without life altering events. We are never better than when we experience stuff whether it’s good or bad.

I always like to have a few projects on the go, so I can get myself out of a rut fast enough if needed.

And if it’s a real bad day, don’t underestimate a good nap or a fuzzy blanket. They are often a very good therapy at coming back refreshed.


It’s normal to feel a sense of blah after a period of high obstacles or movement. The idea is to find things that keep you content in between those periods. Things that stimulate your mind and life.

So get off the couch and get thinking of your next hobby, adventure and get yourself in a better state of mind!




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