The Man Behind The Curtain!

I don’t claim to be very smart. There were times in my life that I did a palm to the forehead maneuver simply for the fact that I realized something that was so obvious. And important moment in my life such as this was when I started doing the Comiccom circuits.

For those of you are not sure what that is, it’s a comic book convention, but in the last few years, it’s also been a place where Sci-Fi actors (for the most part) take part in the convention. You can meet then briefly and get a signed picture (at a cost).

Having been a very big fan or Star Trek: The Next Generation. I watched the actors perform beautiful shows on what our human race could become in the future. A time when we had gone beyond the petty crap that consumes our days now. We were the good guys and like most I felt I knew the characters. Was always inspired by their need to find the best in everyone and help others.

A few years back, I started attending the Expos and Cons to get to meet the actors of the series. My goal at the time was to meet the entire crew of the Enterprise.

And I got to meet about 4 so far. All very nice people. But the last time I was there and speaking and seeing them react as the human beings in this time period. I quickly realized that the people I was accrediting with all the success of the character where actually only one part of the equation.

While the actors are very talented and I’m sure very good people, the important talent are the ones who wrote the scripts. The imagination and vision. Although the actors were able to convey the emotions, without the proper writing, it would have been useless.

So now I always look for the Man Behind the Curtain.

The mind behind the words.

I felt quite dumb when I realized that I was giving all my attention only one part of the wheel, but it was a great lesson. One that made me realize that actors and celebrities are only human beings, in our times, with failings. Regardless of who they are. And that the guy whose vision took place on the screen is also a regular guy/gal on the street that you probably ignore for lack of knowing what a great mind and contribution they are making, because you don’t recognize their faces.

In the end, we are all just Human Beings. We all have our gifts. It has made my life so much easier to look up to anyone who contributes in a positive way and not because I recognize them from TV.

I no longer look at just what I can see, but everything I can’t see. Sometimes you can find some pretty impressive stuff there. Always look below the surface!


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