Are You On The Right Path?

Ever ask yourself that question?

Ever come up with nothing? I’m sure any one of us who breathe on this planet can say we got at one point in our lives where we asked ourselves that question, but came up a little short on the answer.

Am I on the right path in my life?

Is this what I want? Do I want more? Am I well in my life? Is there a part that needs tweaking, work or a complete overhauling?

If you are asking the question internally, chances are you need a change.

If you think about it, you can find your answers.Will they be the answers you want? Not always. Can everything be perfect? Probably not. But sometimes that has more to do with your state of mind than anything else. If you choose to find problems, you may very well find them!

You have to make sure to be in a grateful state of mind and then I believe you can do a better inventory of what might need revamping or discarding. I have been surprised in my own life of things that I thought needed fixing until I fixed my own frame of mind and I realized they were not really my problem after all.

From stuff in your home, to your lodging, to jobs, to poisonous relationships, everything needs to be looked at with a subjective and grateful mind.

I’ve heard people talk about the drama in their lives but then surround themselves with dramatic people. Tell me who your friends are…

I have no problems with people that are alright with that, the times I have problems with it is when they complain to everyone but fail to see they are causing their own grief by surrounding themselves with it.

So as I said,  the solutions may not be what everyone is looking for, but they are there. When you finally decide to be serious about finding what fits in your life, you will start making the decisions that are in line with what you want. And the more things that you do that fit for you will give you the peace to find answers to other things.

I can say that since I’ve started this little quest of finding what makes me tick. I am finding that other parts of my life are improving. I never thought I had a relationship with food through my emotions, but apparently I did. So that is changing as well for the better! And I’m not talking diet. Maybe I’ll get into that another day.

And remember, life is a journey and in that journey, we change many times in the course of it. What you want today may not be what you want tomorrow…so always look inside yourself to make sure that you are still going where you feel you need to be.

And don’t be so hard on yourself if that changes a few times. Sometimes the path to awareness has many levels. And what was important in one level has now fulfilled it’s purpose of bringing you to another level and can now be less important and discarded in the next level.

There is no wrong or right, just making the best out of your life. It’s your path, it’s your journey. Keep moving towards your happy!

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