List of 5 to Feeling More Accomplished in Your Day!!

Coming back from vacation! I wanted to get on top of a few things.

What generally happens with me every day that I work is I give my all at work and by the time I get home I forget to do anything else. I sit and eat the supper that my guys usually make for me and then I sit around and watch TV and really don’t want to get things done.

So when we got back I decided to do as I used to do with my grateful journal. I used to write 5 things I was grateful for. Having a “Today I am Grateful…” community on Facebook kind of helped keep me on track. I’m usually grateful every day so it’s habit now. But I decided to start a different  list of things that I needed to do everyday.

Before I go home, I put 5 things I want to accomplish before bed time down on a short list.

I put exercise at the top of my list because I always find a way to not do it.

I also have a lot of online stuff going on but I usually can get hooked into doing other things online. So I commit to my online time by putting things that I need to do without distraction. That way I don’t end up on Facebook or Instagram for hours without actually getting done what I need to do! It’s so easy getting distracted with such interesting people posting inspirational stuff.

I do have to admit that I love lists. They make me feel like I am accomplishing stuff.

I try to keep my list diversified and with tasks that take a bit of time but not a lot of time. I after all do want a bit of down time. And don’t want to work from sun up til sun down.

Here’s an example of today’s list:

  1. Exercise – 20 minutes
  2. Clean Hall Closet Part 3 (The part 3 is because I have been cleaning that out for the 3rd day now. I keep putting it on the list until it’s done.) – about 15 minutes left to completion
  3. 1 x Laundry- 15 minutes -(I hand wash and air dry my clothes)
  4. Alamy – Photography site – finish that off from yesterday -trying to join – Not sure approx. 30 minutes maybe
  5. Clean Clothes off Spare Bed Upstairs (put away)- 15 to 20 minutes

It may seem quite simple but I have been making these list for the past 2 weeks and I am getting a lot done compared to what I used to which was nothing. I’m hoping that as with my grateful thoughts and life, this will also become second nature, but if it does not, it can always keep these lists going and feel good about accomplishing so much in my day.

If something on my list needs to be put back on the list the next day because I did not have time or didn’t finish it, then I do that. I don’t feel like I’m failing because I would not have done anything otherwise, so whatever I do is better than doing nothing at all. Make sure to pat yourself on the back and not be too hard on yourself. I also try to get the one done first that I don’t especially like. And I find that I have gotten stuff done that I usually ignore because it’s not the regular need to do stuff.

I love scratching all items off the list. It gives me a great sense of being very efficient and useful in my own home.

Not only do I work full time but then I manage to do a bit of stuff at home that contributes to healthy living. Exercise to keep my body moving and working online for my future income and clean my space so I have room to think and breathe.

And feeling good is the main reason for doing anything! And feeling like I had a full and useful day is not a bad way of being.

Some the simplest things you do can help with your mind health in the long run, making a short 5 item list is simple but works for me.

What’s not to like when you get to the end of your week and can see all that has been done.

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