Blah Days! Or Mondays!

The weekend is gone and you wake up with the best of intentions!But as the day goes on, you realize how much you hate the day. Meetings with people who are going to get on your nerves. Telling you how to do your stuff without knowing what you do in a day.

One of your co-workers give an opinion that you could go without, because frankly who cares what they think.

You have another meeting (can you tell I hate meetings) to talk about the same 5 customers you have been talking about in the last year.

You’re tired, you just want to sip coffee and be left alone.

That’s OK. It’s normal.

Want to get through it.

Number 1 is keep busy, and get one thing done at a time. Hunker down and get it done even if you don’t feel like smiling, be productive.

Number 2 is take a break and think of projects that do make you happy. The color you want in your newly fixed wet/laundry room, the next corner you want cleaned up and how good that will feel, your next vacation this summer (surprise for my husband since I am not telling him where we are going).

Number 3 is just let it be. Let life take you were it needs to, and as you get one thing accomplished, pat yourself on the back. You deserve it.

Number 4 and this is just me. Surround yourself with your favorite music. I find there is nothing like a nice tune to help with your mood.

Number 5 is take one moment, one minute, one second at a time if needed. Before you know it, your day will be complete and you can go on to other things. Nice things.

What’s important about days that start on a downward slope is to take a moment every hour to feel grateful about something, or think of something positive to help you go on the upswing of a good day and not the reverse.

Hoping your thoughts and people who surround you bring forth all the happiness in your days to fill you with positivity of mind!

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