Frugal Fridays – My Newest Cell Phone Deal!

I’ve decided to try and do a new section of my blog. Getting back into Money Saving Mode.

I am passing on the wealth when it comes to the deals I am getting. Why, because I think being able to make your dollar stretch can help you find peace of mind. And I am all for that. If we need less money to live, maybe some of us will actually live instead of rush through our lives.

Today I am going to talk about PC Mobile.

When we started saving money last year, it started with Virgin calling me and lowering our plans because I guess they were making changes. It ended up being a $300 a year saving. And I am grateful for them sending me on this journey of saving, since I started questioning and doing the same for other stuff. However, since last year their rates have gone up so much it was getting a bit ridiculous in pricing. It’s become my second biggest bill in the month averaging out at $284 for 4 phones.

I’ve learned a lot about this in the last year. I am actually going to be putting most of the ins and out of most things, savings wise, and looking into offering an online course that can help you save tons of money a year. A step by step so you don’t have to learn it the hard way like I did.

There are a few things you need to be aware of before you can just switch from one company to another. Locked phones, paying out your phones, how to search out best cell phone rate deals for your area etc. And that’s the stuff that people don’t know but need to find out about it so they are not cornered into a situation thinking they have no choices. There are always choices.

But today is about letting you know of this cell service that I found. Now I’m not sure about any other provinces and unfortunately you probably cannot get it in the States ( I do know they get much better deals there then we do here in Canada). The cell companies absolutely take us through the ringer money wise. You should see what my Mom in Texas pays for her cell phone plan. You realize just how much we are being taken for a ride. But that is another topic.

You will be paying in the upper range of $50 per line (or more) and if you try to veer off the big three, Rogers, Bell or Telus, you are asking for trouble if you try to get service in the boonies. I’m am of course talking about service in the province of Ontario. Unfortunately for plan offers I can’t really tell you what each country, province or state offers. This will have to be done by you.

You can search that online however. Just Google Best Cell phone plans in …(wherever you are).

I have copied this from the PC mobile site which I will post a link at the bottom of this page for you to go to if you are interested.



One simple plan that flexes to your needs from just $44/month*

Looking for a simple plan with great value? How about the ability to take control of your monthly bill? With the new PC® mobile Flex Plan you only pay for the data you use.

Flex Plan

Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Text, Plus

  • Unlimited International Text Messaging
  • Unlimited International Picture and Video Messaging
  • Call Display, Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and Conference Calling

$ 44 /month

(So that is actually $38 dollars a month if you bring your own phone. Phones must be paid up and unlocked from your current provider)

Data Flex

With your $44/month Flex Plan you only pay for the data you use each month!

Calculate your data usage



(No catch here, for first two tiers, it’s a $5 hike, then a $10 dollar hike for every GB) (This information was explained to me wrong. The actual picture shows it correctly and not how I explain it, the second tier is actually $10. Still a better deal than with Virgin, but not as good as I thought. 😦 There is an update to this at the end of this blog.)

If I were to get this with Virgin, it’s a lot more. I have data plan with them and they charge $15 (5 dollars for the plan a month and then 10 dollars for the first GB) and last month I used 1.05 GB and so because I passed the 1 GB limit they charged me another $20 bringing the total charged me to $35 for the month.  If I’d been with PC Mobile I would have paid only $20 (that’s a $15 dollar savings a month).

I changed the boys cells to it because they rarely take GB.

So instead of their $60 dollar plans for unlimited everything and 1 GB of date they rarely used. We are being charged $38 a month because they had their own phones (paid for) – unlocked. If they should need data (which they rarely do) I would only pay $5 dollars more which would bring me to $43 a month.

The cell phone signal is excellent because they are with (Telus) for the towers. We’ve had the phones for 2 days and had not a problem. Actually, I think for my area, their service is better.

I usually highly suggest buying your mobile outright (get a cheaper $200 phone instead of the expensive $800 iPhone 3000 – kidding, but you get the point), get it unlocked and then you have the freedom of moving around companies.

Right now, for people who love the PC points, they have a promotion as of today 04/15/16 that offers 50000 points to 100000 points for certain phones when you go with them. And if you get a cheaper one and wait 90 days and pay it off, you can do the same but you got points as well.

When I asked how long they had been around, I was told around 8 years, but the kiosks about 4.

They have one flex plan, so there is no confusion and I kinda like it that way.

I suggest you go see their site for more information than what is posted here.

PC Mobile

I plan to pay off both my husbands and my phone off and go with them as soon as possible. Even at $172 a month since I am adding $20 more for data. That’s a $112 savings a month.

$112 x 12 = $1344

What can you do with 1300 dollars more a year! I can save it towards my Decade To Freedom! See what I did there! Plug!!

This has been the first edition of Frugal Fridays! Stay Tuned! Sharing the Wealth!

Update: 07/26/16

PC Mobile has been nothing but a true nightmare since I joined them. The last phones I got in had a different plan. $5 dollars for the first 500 MB and then if you take another 500 MB it is indeed $10 more for $15. Got my bill and realized that I had been had. I kept repeating the information to them when I first joined, but I should have just looked at the board and seen the writing on the wall. Still not bad, but not as great as I thought. My older son got a golden deal with $4 for the first 500 MB and then $4 for the next 500 MB, then I guess it’s $5 dollar for each new GiG. I tried to get the same deal for all other 3 phones for the insanely bad service they gave me the first month that they screwed up my credit check and then could not add any other phones on my bill and then put my younger sons phone on some poor woman we don’t know bill. The cell phone coverage is good, but frankly now I am putting up with them charging me 911 fees on my bill for AB when I live in ON, and I’m at my wits end with them. I have been neither nasty or impatient, but I am getting very tired of having to call them from month to month. I could currently get a better deal by $3 for my phone plan with Koodoo and I’m thinking I might actually do that. I’m still thinking on it since it would mean getting 2 separate bills, but it might be worth it.

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