A Fun Day! – A Decade To Freedom – Part 3

Here is the last of the series. Kinda sad actually, it was such a nice place!



Well so there you have it. Just a few pics of the things that were purchased in Quebec City. We decided in the last little year of so that anything entering the home should reflect our personal taste, not be some cheaply made stuff and try to get from local artisans as much as possible. That is why we got some Cider Wine from a local Cidrerie called Pedneault.


And then we visited a local glass blower company called “Les 3 Corbeaux” And from them I got a “Piege A Sorciere” which would be translated as “A Witches Trap”. Of course it would be more to capture malevolent spirits and witches. Said to attract witches with it’s pretty colors they would get trapped in the filaments. It’s gorgeous and there were many, but this was my personal favorite. So I guess this witch got trapped!


There was also this little bird that I took home with me and later gifted.


And last but not least, we went to the Sculptor name “Flamand” and really got some brilliant wood sculptures.  We absolutely love these and cherish them for their beauty and originality.


We are not real consumers anymore, since we think it’s just a waste of money to accumulate so much stuff. The glass appeals to my spiritual side and the wood sculptures are nice reminders of our trip and also adds to our country setting home.

Hope you enjoyed these videos, we will be posting soon about more money saving ideas. At least once a week. So stay tuned!

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