Money Has No Value! Living Has Value!

Would like to thank in part Jeremy Huizinga for today’s post. I know very little of him because we are very new Facebook friends, however,  I find he is an amazingly well expressed person without condescension, whose thoughts on paper (messaging) are conveyed at the speed of light. Another being of light looking for answers as we all are.  Thank you for the pleasure in a world where it’s often rare to be able to converse without expectations or deadlines, it was a nice addition to my day. We had a back and forth this morning that got me thinking and inspired today’s post.

You need money to survive, you need to make that money to survive one way or another. You can’t stop spending because you stall the economy so you are encouraged to spend to get the economy moving because it’s better for everyone. So you spend and then more and more. You are moving so fast that we barely have time to talk to each other and we rush home at night to hide in our homes. The rich keep getting richer and we keep overpaying for everything. We get caught in a maze of spending to survive and some of us have it down to a sport of spending money we don’t even have. A perfect circle of insanity.

Regardless of what situation you are in, whether you are working or retired, you are still a slave to the mighty dollar. To feel peace you have to ignore the ignorant, to be happy you have to do the same. Joy is fleeting and bliss feels like a myth.

We suddenly become stuck in a circle of never having the time to be actually ever inspired or even thinking straight for that matter because we get caught up in the minutia of what we do everyday. Go to work, buy laundry soap, buy gas, go back to work to pay for gas and laundry soap.

We watch mindless people on Television with mindless ideas (not me because I don’t have cable, I highly recommend it) because any creative impulses we could have had suddenly have no room because we are just too tired to think them.

Sound familiar!

Are you feeling real despair!? Sure you are. Who would not when you really think about it that way?

My question is this? Have you ever had that perfect moment! That moment when all of this above that I mentioned, every question, every thought, just left you! Disappeared. I have.

I have been very lucky to have such moments fill me with an emotion I can not even put a name to. Joy, peace, love and bliss are small words in comparison to this wonderful feeling of being.

The first one was here! At that very moment! 3 years ago. I will even go out on a limb here and say that my husband had the same moment. In the very least, he described it as peace.


To say this was the only time after this would be a lie, but it was the first real time I could remember. Where everything shut off and all my body wanted to do was smile and cry. Or both!

Look I’m not saying I have all the answers, but I know this. For me, it started here. All the stuff I had been butting my head against, the stuff that’s not right in this world, the things I had been through.

For a moment, it shut off. It simply did not matter. Of course if you do have these moments, you eventually have to go back to reality, but maybe those moments are the key.

Because from that moment on I have been working towards finding my peace and happiness. I know you technically should not be working towards it, but we have been so conditioned to have the house, the cars, the status that it sometimes takes an effort to try to break free of such things.

For myself, I have to work against my ego, my sense of right and wrong and try to understand it’s not because I’m ignoring what’s wrong in the world, but more making sure that I feed and nourish what is right in mine.

I work towards wanting less crap in my life, less material things, coming to the conclusion that things are really not the driving force behind our awesomeness. Money, phones, and such are tools to be used by us when we need them to help reach a point of not really needing anything. It would be so much easier if all those things didn’t have a price associated to it, but until then we can work from the inside out, instead of the outside in as it’s being conditioned for us to be. You don’t need anything except what you really need and if you think about it, it’s really not all that much.

I’m hoping that my shares with everyone what I can helps with your paths to discovering your beautiful perfect moments so that you eventually just KNOW and just ARE. A state of being you! The only you that matters!


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