No really! I do, but that’s not why I put that title to my blog today.I feel great because of who I have become.

Sometimes that’s just by being quiet and letting people figure things out for themselves.

Sometimes it’s by being a friend without causing any destruction.

Sometimes it’s by seeing manipulations around me and being grateful it’s not part of my life.

Sometimes it’s by knowing that I married my best friend and that he knows I have his back, always. That I would never put anyone else above him and let others make him feel like less.

Sometimes it’s by being big enough to get past the people who copy your life because they may just want what you have. I wish them the happiness I have found in mine. The secret though it usually to find what you are passionate about yourself, not what the person you are mimicking is passionate about, whatever that might be. Just a thought. Finding out who YOU are without anyone in the room usually helps.

Sometimes it’s by being well in my skin. Not caring what others negative personal views are on my life or who they think I am. I know who I am and I am alright with my choices. And believe it or not, I am alright with my mistakes too.

And finally, sometimes it’s by knowing what or who I will put up with and what or who I won’t put up with. It’s called respecting myself. Most of the time I put distance when I sense manipulation or negativity. Manipulation of situations or people for your own gain that harms others is something I have tremendous difficulties with.

I still make mistakes, yet, I sit here today surrounded by some who have no direction, who are clearly lost, others that play stupid games with each other. And then I have my simple, sometimes very boring, happy quirky life and realize. I have it all.

I have laughter, so much laughter. I have fun! I have good health (for the most part). And I try to forget the bad days.Every so often, I try to improve my life and days. I want better, and work at it.

I’m less than perfect, I am human. And I love myself and give love to those I want to. No change is in stone. I am learning to embrace change especially when it offers new opportunities, and new adventures.

I wish it for you. I wish it for all of you. I want a happy ending for all. You just have to realize that you need to find it for yourself.  Be grateful, be happy for what you have and where you are.

And it started with a simple question for me. Is this really all there is? If you say this and find yourself sad, maybe it’s time to do some soul searching!




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