You Are The Only One Who Can Keep You Down!

Once again, changes are coming. As I’m sure with all work related hard earning people of this world, it seems some employers just thrive on changing things around to their advantage, but hide it in a way to make you think it’s in your advantage to do these things for them.They put you in between a rock and hard place so that you feel like you have no choices. I worked with many employers in my 45 years and realize that one company is not at fault but that many are. I keep getting told this is the way of the work world. (Many things have changed over the course of history even after people have said those words…Thank God)

You get a feeling of being kept down. Like they will stomp you into the ground. And if you have the audacity of refusing anything they suggest, you have to deal with the fact that it will reflect on your yearly review which in turn means less money.

I am not really here to talk about that. We know that happens.

I want to talk about the way WE react to it. Do you know that when you get upset over stuff, you are causing more harm to yourself than anyone? Do you really want to do that and give a mindless corporation that kind of power over you? Of course not.

So here some pointers on how you can save yourself some unneeded aggravation.

  1. When you first find out about something that will change your work life, don’t officially react to it right away. Most of the time you can take a day to think things over. If you can’t take a day, take at least a moment. Even a bathroom moment if needed.
  2. When you do finally take a moment to think about, take the emotion right out of it and get really practical about the situation. (they do, and being as cool as them can work to your advantage)
  3. Is this a temporary change / a one off? This is good if it is, because it means it’s not going to affect your life for a long period time.
  4. Is it easier to just do what is required or spend days or weeks being upset over something that can be completed in a matter of hours? Maybe it’s easier to just get it done. Just saying…
  5. If it does change your work life everyday and you absolutely cannot deal with the changes, then you can escalate, but have valid reasons for it. What I mean is that most people get very angry with change, but it’s not just because something is being added to their lists, but because it represents a an actual change. It’s easy to get used to your routine and schedule and it can be quite annoying to have someone disrupt it. This is why I say to take your own emotions out of it and really think of what are the reasons behind your aggravations.
  6. If you have dealt with all of this, you always have a choice. If it gets too bad, you can always leave and find something else. Or you can do what is required to the best of your ability. You can voice this when things are required of you. You can say, “I will do my very best to do what I can.” If you can’t do any more. Then voice that as well. But keep your emotions our of it. Treat it like a business transaction. Someone who cannot fulfill a ridiculous contract.

The whole point to this is to take the emotion out of it. The anger, the annoyance. You don’t need it in your life. Don’t give them the part of your lifespan that you can never get back. These emotions cause stress that can take away years of your life. No company or anyone for that matter is worth that. Life is short enough as it is.

In the end, you are the only one who can keep you down! Keep your good humor, do the best you can and if it comes down to it, don’t panic and look for another job! With the online world and thousands of sites advertising latest job postings, it’s getting easier and easier to do. It may take you awhile, but you can take your time. You still have a job right!

Stay happy. Smile. Be the best you for you! Don’t stay down! Go up!


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