Getting Back Into the Swing of Things!

The only bad thing about vacations is the end of them! It seems to take you so long to get into vacation mode and then all of sudden before you know it. It’s all done. Frown face here!

Well it doesn’t have to be all bad. The one thing I noticed for a few years now. Is that for a few days even maybe a week after, I feel different and have new ideas and want to implement new things.

The change of pace of the “running after your tail syndrome” we can all develop takes a back seat for awhile when you are on vacation!

I say to take the new found sense of renewal and use it for greatness! For myself I have noticed that I need to put my TV/Computer/Smartphone into a better time management. To actually block out the time, and leave the rest of my time free to accomplish the things I want and need done. And when I do have time on my technology, it must be with intent and not just to mosey around wasting away the days.You really need to organize your time so you have that much needed rest time when you really need it.

I found that I like moving more.

Quebec City offered an intense workout of running around uphill and although I was breathless most of the time (note to self, I am soooo out of shape here). I found I felt really great at the end of the day. It was really something my husband and I noticed we really loved doing. For myself, not only did I sleep better, my head felt clear and sharper somehow.

And lastly, we had not had a vacation in over a year which we quickly realized was way too long. Very important to keep those mental health appointments with yourselves. Even it its a weekend getaway now and then. A much needed massage. Now I know we have been concentrating on less spending and more paying of debt, however, it was important to take a moment out of this to re-group. If you are working so hard that you forget to take care of yourself, I think that is when you will start having problems with health, mental and physical. You need to get a break, you just need to plan them wisely.

I think taking a break is great and it’s important because you also come back stronger.

I believe that applies to everyone, even people who are retired. You still get caught up in a routine. It’s the actual breaking of the routine that helps you get out of your little circle of insanity.

So take a break today! Just remember, you do eventually have to come back. So don’t be too discouraged if you have to and use that great new energy for other things!



On one of the last notes of my beloved trip to Quebec City, here’s a song I just heard on the radio (one of those things that never plays but somehow did just for me). Sorry it’s in French, but it speaks of the Saint Laurent. The body of water near where we were in Quebec City! I just had to post because it’s lovely!

1. Mon Saint-Laurent si grand,
si grand
Coule sans tapage
En déroulant son long ruban
Au soleil du printemps
Il est ravi tout simplement
Du beau paysage
Qu’il n’a pas vu depuis si
Dans son hivernage

Refrain :
Bonjour les prés, les champs,
Bonjour villes et villages
Bonjour érables blancs
Et vous clochers d’argent
Remplie de gazouillage
La Province a vingt ans
Et fleurit le passage
De son heureux galant.

2. Mon Saint-Laurent si grand,
si grand
Invite au voyage
Fanions au vent les bateaux
Vont inlassablement
Soleil levant, soleil couchant,
C’est le pèlerinage
De ceux qui rêvent
Vers d’autres rivages.

Bonjour les ponts géants
Bonjour plages où fourmillent
Des baigneurs bruns et blancs
Avides de beau temps
Bonjour garçons et filles
Les pêcheurs n’ont pas
Près des Îles gentilles
D’écouter vos serments.

3. Mon Saint-Laurent si grand,
si grand
Est un enfant sage
Le froid mordant bien
Étend son voile blanc
Il s’assoupit tout en fermant
Le livre d’images
Qui bercera son sommeil
Dans son hivernage.

Refrain :
Adieu les prés, les champs,
Adieu villes et villages
Adieu érables blancs
Et vous clochers d’argent
Adieu îlots sauvages
Adieu ma belle enfant
C’est la fin des voyages
Jusqu’au prochain printemps.

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