A Day Of Fun! – Decade To Freedom!

So we just completed our last day walking around Quebec City! I’m posting this in Decade to Freedom, our YouTube Channel. Now I know it’s not any tips on how to save money. However, when you are making your way to freedom, you need to take a break and smell the flowers.

As you may have seen, I have posted a few things about my vacation and my thoughts. I am very happy to say that it has been a break even if it was not exactly what I had planned. The weather did not cooperate, but we made our own fun just the same. We spent 6 hours out today and I took video’s sporadically throughout the day.

One because it felt like it might be fun and lastly because I really want to start concentrating on my YouTube channel “A Decade to Freedom”.

So without making you wait any longer since I’m sure the anticipation is killing you!

Cough cough. Here is our take on reality TV. A middle-aged overweight couple who love to have some fun! I think we can be quite funny too. I hope you enjoy it! We did and I guess that’s all that really matters!




Well that’s it for me for my holidays! It’s back to work for me on Monday. I can’t wait to get back to my kids tomorrow, since I missed my boys. Enjoy the videos and have a great weekend!

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