My Recommendations for Quebec City!

Why am I doing this on a Thursday? Well because tomorrow I plan to go out with my hubby and we will do some pub and store hopping all day in the lower part of Old Quebec.

Here are some recommendations based on what we saw.

Places to see.

  1. The Citadelle if you love the history of places. They give you a picture of what life might have been like a few hundred years ago. The views are breathtaking and they have museums at the visitor’s hub that you can see. It’s $16 per person and you get a guide tour of your choice in english or french. Personally just the views from here were so worth it!DSC00192
  2. Take a walk down Saint-Louis Street and delight in the mass amounts of places to eat and the beautiful sight of it. As seen here.20160406_205347But the real beauty happens in lower town after taking a cable car “The Funiculaire”at $2.25 a person. It’s worth the short ride to be dropped off into a town where time stood still. It’s gorgeous and inspiring to be here.


  3. Places to Eat. Well, we have a hit and a miss for these. Needless to say that it’s quite expensive to eat here. It is a tourist attraction and the restaurants know this. I recommend you save up for this if you are planning to stay here for any amount of time. First on my list of places to eat is “La Buche”. If you are in the mood for a shrimp salad or a porc chops, guaranteed it will be yummy. 12974405_10153462568007155_3550157008941363936_n

“Le Chic Shack”. This is comfort food at it’s best. I can be expensive if you order a lot. But if you order just the poutine or burger, you can probably eat for less than $20 with a drink. Definitely worth it in my book.12924322_10153466589917155_7045709095839378782_n

Here are few things I would add to all of this. I would not recommend “Aux Anciens Canadiens”. Although Trip Advisor gives it a very high rating at #24. I would not put it that high. We tried it tonight and found it quite unimpressive and actually quite disgusting for me. I posted my review there tonight. It’s overpriced for mediocre food. Of course that is only our estimation.

“Le Feu Sacre”. Actually this place was pretty good. I have to say that their mustard sauce for the steak was very nice. The service was alright. They were not overly friendly but efficient. The meal was good and no real complaints, except that it was a bit overpriced for what you got. But that can be preference. When I pay over $100 for two people I tend to expect perfection and quality with excellent value for my money. Anything that I could get a local steakhouse doesn’t impress me much.

We are currently staying at “Le Manoir De L’Esplanade”. 12472714_10153461928827155_4268642438143322858_n

Beautiful building in the heart of Old Quebec. Beautiful views from the windows. A+ for having an elevator. Some of these old places don’t. The hosts are kind and the doors lock at 9 pm where you need a special code that works on both the front door and your room. It’s quite nifty. They serve continental breakfast that is very continental, but we are not finicky about such things. The serve fresh pastries from local merchants and fresh fruit and coffee. The room we were in was very beautiful and comfortable, although I will make note of this, that there is a thermostat in the room but I don’t think it works cause I have it at 85 degrees and I feel a draft on my back…so?? I will inquire about this tomorrow. The bathroom is on the smallish side and the tub is not full size but it has a huge shower-head. The water is finicky that you have to keep turning it up a notch on the hot water to keep it hot. Also an enigma but one we lived with. I found out that this hotel may have been closed for awhile during the winter and he said something to the effect that we were the first clients and only clients in the hotel this week. The room was very clean and the bed comfortable. The TV has very limited channels but they have free WiFi, so bring your laptop or smartphone and watch your movies on Netflix. The only problem is that the parking for the hotel is very far away. I’m not sure if it’s $17 a day and it’s more than a block away. As you can see in the picture.


The good part is that it’s monitored and your vehicle should be safe. I’ll let you know if it’s not by the time we leave. I usually have my husband go check once a day to make sure all is well. Because it’s Old Quebec, there are limited places you can park.

If you are looking for pharmacies or grocery stores in this area, you are also very limited. Although today I found a Tim Horton’s about 7 minutes away. So at least you have coffee. They also have Starbucks if that is your thing.

Last but not least is that at this time of year, there are fewer tourist, so you get the town to yourself or almost. I know that right at this moment in this nice big hotel, we are the only people here. Yes we have this huge place to ourselves. This in itself is kinda cool. The only problem is the time of year. With snow storms this week and the nasty wet weather, it’s probably not the best time of the year to visit Quebec City. Some places ae closed because it’s out of season. The best time would probably be Christmas and all other times when it’s a little warmer.

Lastly, make sure you have your walking shoes on when you are going around because you will be doing some walking. Uphill a lot of the time, but the good news, is that’s it all worth it.

So here is my review for the town of Old Quebec. Hope it helps if you need some information about vacationing here!!

*Please keep in mind that I am recommending or not recommending only the places I have visited. There are so many places we did not see or do and I have with obvious reasons omitted them. If they are not on my list, most likely I have not seen them or they made very little impact on my stay that I didn’t bother.


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