Make Your Life A Dream, and Your Dream the Reality – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Ever have one of those moments! You know the one that opens you up to new possibilities! The moment in time that stops you in your tracks and lets you know that you need to change directions!I had that moment in February of 2013. My birthday! I was at work. The place was awful. The boss at the time was a tyrant who was a know-it-all and belittled everyone. Everyone had quit except for myself at that office and I was at my wits end.


I had always wanted to experience things, but with a special kind of childhood (not all bad but with twists and turns) and then jumping into a family so young with one income, things had not really worked out the way I thought they would. I had just turned 42 that day. The boss was on the phone making my life a living hell and I flat out shut him up when I asked him. “Do you know what today is?” He said no. I told him, “today is my birthday and I’ll be damned if anyone is going to make me miserable on my birthday, so I am leaving right now and I will come back tomorrow…maybe.”

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He was surprised to say the least. But I took off in my Jeep and drove. At the time I was wondering why the hell I was at a job where I could not stand the boss where I was underpaid, annoyed all the time. Why had I never gone to France or Venice as I had told myself I would? Why had I not gone anywhere really? I asked for help or an answer of any kind. I felt perched on the edge of a precipice. I was a year away from the age my biological mother had died from abuse of alcohol. I was not a drunk and I had raised kids and been a wife and a daughter. But what had I done for myself? I wanted to feel joy for me, not just for someone else. I wanted to do more than just work to feed my family or to meet someone elses quotas. Do more than just worry about my kids and husband (which I still do anyways…hey old habits die hard).


I stopped at this confectionery store where they made their own homemade chocolates in a town I rarely visited, but for once I had no compass set to where I was going. Knowing that this was at least a more fitting way to spend a birthday. I spotted a little pocketed pieced of material. On it said. “Fait de ta vie un reve, et de ton reve, une realite!”Which is translated in the title of this blog.

It was staring me right in the face. The answer to my question. I was flabbergasted and even posted a bad picture of it on my timeline.

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Now at the time I was about to do a massive trip driving to the east coast of the states with my family. I thought right then that it was trying to tell me this had been the right thing to do. That I needed to travel so I could experience my dreams. But I realized it had so much more to do with internally how you feel. If you create a life of dreams that you wish for and make them happen, then your dreams become your reality. Whether it be experiencing the best grilled cheese in the world, or savoring a kiss that is just perfect. Whether it’s capturing the perfect picture at the right moment. And it’s regardless of where you are.

Example of Today’s perfect picture (love it):


Or simply feeling a moment completely and fully as it’s happening. You have to find what makes you dream and then make it your reality. Doesn’t have to be much. As long as it’s meaningful to you.

I also found out that the saying came from an author I loved, Antoine de Saint-Exupery who wrote “The Little Prince.” Whenever I’m not sure of my life or feel like it’s all too much. I pick up this book and live the magic of it’s words and feel the resounding lesson of it’s words.

My favorite parts of this book are below, which I’m sure you are all familiar with.

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

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Today as I walked in the old part of Quebec, I found myself at a shop window where this plate was staring me back in the face.


“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.”

My husband having been part of my journey quickly without saying a word walked into the shop and bought it for me. Another message to make me understand that my mind and heart have to be one to find peace and love. I can’t touch it or see it, I really have to feel it as a whole for it to be real for me. It felt very special to have another one of those moments after 3 years and having tried and done so much just because I could and wanted to.

I try everyday to live by these words. To love with the heart and to live my life of dreams. And when I feel like I’m failing, I just try again. I am truly blessed. I am so lucky and grateful!

What else is there to say!

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