My Heritage!

As written in Wikipedia on this page.

There are four main branches of the Larocque surname in North America. Here is the one I come from!

“Philibert Couillaud dit Roquebrune (1641–1700), from the diocese of Nevers France, first appeared as a member of the Carignan-Salières Regiment when they landed in Quebec in 1665. He was sent primarily to defend New France from the Iroquois, and eventually settled down in Contrecoeur, Quebec. He married Catherine De La Porte in 1675 at Contrecoeur, having 11 children in all. Members of this branch often have the surnames Larocque, Larock, Rock, Roquebrune, Rocquebrune, Rockbrune or Couillaud.”

I am of course from this line and did the coolest thing I could think of. I went to the port that my ancestor landed in country.

I have often times heard, you need to know where you have been or where you come from to know where you are going.

When I set out to find our more about my line on ancestry, I never imagined I could go as far as 1409. But I did. I do plan to make a massive trip to France in a few years to go and explore that lineage, but I started my journey today by visiting that port.

I could not help but wonder what he thought the first time he set foot on this land. Was it so much more different than what he was used to? What could he see from that dock? I bet a lot less than what I see today.

DSC00098 - Copy

What would he think of this 9th in line of his descendants with our smartphones and moving cars and writing blogs etc? From what I read, he wrote his name with an X most of the time so maybe he would not think too much of the blog. Would it blow him away how many of us are descendants of his simply by his crossing the pond and pro-creating? Probably. Was it scary to come here alone? To start a new life in a new world? I’m sure it was.


They came here to help defend the land from their rightful owners (the Iroquois)…Not a great thing since they were here first (and yes I guess my lineage is part of the people who took away from the Indians and I can apologize from them for doing so, but I can’t change much of that now), but then I know my ancestor made a life for himself and a very young wife, and I guess I can be grateful that he continued the line so that I could go to Quebec City on this fine day and take a selfie with my husband and think, isn’t life awesome when you can do and research such things? I sure think so!


Here’s my Larocque lineage!

Juanita Larocque (that’s me!)

Jean Larocque

Jeanne Larocque

Adrien Larocque

Louis Larocque

Nicolas La Rocque

Jean-Baptiste La Rocque (the 2nd)

Jean-Baptiste La Rocque (must of been the 1st)

Francois La Rocque

Philibert De LaRocque (he’s the one at the port of Quebec)

Jehan B DeLarocque

Georges De Larocque

Phillipe De larocque

Manaud de Larocque

Jehan de Larocque

Armand de Larocque

Arnaud B de Larocque

Bernard de Larocque

18 generations found so far. Never thought I’d get past great-grandma and great grand-dad. Sure makes life interesting!







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